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    Android N, Gmail not working when AdGuard is enabled

    Hello, I have been using Adguard premium for about six months now and have been very satisfied with the application's performance. Recently I upgraded to Android N Beta. Everything works fine except the Gmail app which completely fails to download any attachments. As soon as I click on the...
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    Filtering breaks apps - better App Whitelist UI, please

    Especially https filtering breaks quite a few apps, way more than whitelisted by default and that will probably always be the case. Examples I found after a single day of usage: Google Play Newsstand - downloading purchased magazines is impossible with https filtering active. Golfshot Plus...
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    is this issues a bug ??

    Hi, I ve alittle search on the issue, but unfortunately could not find any solution. Hope someone helps me The issue is Adguard ( on Microsoft edge windows 10) somehow blocks the line graphs or any graphical data on nearly every website.. pleace check this website with/without adguard...