1. d0x

    Bug in latest build [Win10]

    I installed the latest build of the Windows beta and it broke quite a few things gaming related. First it broke "teredo" which is the UWP Xbox app for Windows that allows you to chat, form parties etc. If you go to the apps settings>network and run a test (which is usually to check connection...
  2. d0x

    Webpage performance down 70%

    I've noticed websites are loading insanely slow when adguard is enabled. I'm using vpn and https filtering on a pixel XL running Android 8 (I didn't upgrade to 8.1 Because I heard there are issues in Google phones) I was using custom dns and i shut that off but it didn't really help. Is the...
  3. A

    AdGuard fails to Launch (or Crashes?)

    Everytime I launch Adguard, it closes within 2 seconds. It doesn't crash but just disappears. However, if I try multiple times and the app stays till I select the Local VPN dialog box, then the Adguard doesn't disappear/crash at all. So, currently everytime I want to use Adguard, I have to...