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    Buy a license with Google Pay not working

    Hi, trying to buy a license using my Google Pay service. After choosing a card, google pay service dialog has closing and I have an AdGuard site's error dialog that something gone wrong. Is it possible to buy in that way?
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    So why should I buy this?

    Can you convince me it's worth it? I'm running Win10. I bought 3 license's for Android but why should I buy it for PC? I currently use ublock origin in chrome & edge to block ads. I know this also blocks ads in apps but I never see ads in apps on PC. I also assume using this for chrome is...
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    Renewing more expensive than buying new.

    Today I got an email in which I was told to renew my license because it would expire soon. It said renewing is cheaper than buying new. Now I found out if I renew my license I would have to pay 29,90 E for one year, If I buy new I will have to pay 19,95 or 14,95 E for one year. How can this be ?