1. I

    Problem with Opera

    How to make force Adguard filter Opera? Because Opera needs some certificate.
  2. K

    Firefox 64.0.2: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER

    Hi all, I am having the "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" error on every website in Firefox only. I tried everything I could to resolve this: - Removed the personal certificate from firefox, because it was already there and manually installed it again - Reinstall firefox, installed the personal...
  3. L

    Adguard can't filter Opera HTTPS traffic

    Hello, I used Adguard (latest nightly 3.0, but I think it doesn't matter) and Opera stable on Android. I discovered, that traffic from HTTPS websites is not filtered, for example adguard doesn't remove social widgets, and this works fine on Chrome. I tried to change apps management > Opera >...
  4. R

    Adguard Certificate in Firefox

    Hello dear Adguard Team, With the recent versions of Adguard for Windows, I don't see the Adguard Certificate no more when you go to Firefox > Options > Pricacy & Security > Certificates : you don't see Adguard in the list ! Strange thing is that it filters Firefox perfectly, so no problem...
  5. SonofWes

    VPN Certificate installed by Samsung OS

    Hiya, fellas, I'm having an issue that I didn't see anything about. I noticed that I was beginning to see a lot of ads so I checked in the app and HTTP filtering was off. When I turned it back on the pop-up for the VPN Certificate came up and then the service turned itself back off. In the past...
  6. Dustyn

    CHROMIUM: YouTube now showing annoying advertisements...

    Hey yall, how you doing? To start off I am using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.51) Anniversary Update, Adguard v6.0.226.1108 and the latest snapshot release of Chromium. For some rather strange annoying reason, Adguard doesn't seem to want to filter out YouTube...