1. DARKKi

    AdGuard Assistant (Chrome) does not detect Adguard

    When i press the Assistant it says "AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly". I have tried to reinstall both AdGuard and Assistant but the problem persists.
  2. DARKKi

    Is it possible to whitelist Honey (Chrome Extension)?

    I ran into problems with Honey (i did not get "gold" from purchase) and contacted their support and i was told this: Then i asked what url should i whitelist in order for it to work correctly and i was told: So is there any way to do this?
  3. V

    Question about white listing

    Hello! Is there way to make all websites on default "not blocked" and then I get to choose which websites I wan't blocked? Use Case: All websites unblocked. As I browse sites that I wants ads blocked (youtube, facebook, LinkedIn, etc) I start to block them one by one. Is this possible? I...
  4. T

    Notification Frequency

    Using Windows 10 and Google Chrome, around once an hour or so I see a pop up (in the bottom right of the screen) about some site being blocked. What is this about? I do see the small numeral figure when pop ups get blocked by the AdGuard extension icon. But why is it once an hour rather than...
  5. M

    An option to disable AdGuard by default

    I would like Chrome AdGuard to have the option not to block ads by default. Many sites show not so much advertising, and it does not really interfere. And sites also make a profit for this advertising, and I don’t want to reduce their profits, because advertising doesn’t really bother me, except...
  6. B

    all chromium based browsers -> unknown ads and why?

    hi team adguard i have tested many chromium based browsers and have noticed that some ads are not blocked. of course i disabled internal adblocker on all browsers. i only used adguard with a few more filters and adaway with the standard hosts + mvps. in addition i tried to apply all ublock...
  7. K

    Пропускается реклама на странице поиска гугла

    На странице поиска гугла пропускается реклама, прям подписаны ссылки "реклама", значка ассистента почему-то нет, на других страницах есть. Ещё стоит расширение Adguard adblocker, пытаюсь им блокировать фильтром, она блокируется, по F5 страница выглядит хорошо, но стоит...
  8. A

    Differences between mac app and chrome extension

    If the only browser I use is Chrome, is there any advantage to using Adguard for Mac instead of the Chrome extension?
  9. D

    Google Chrome + Adguard + Яндекс дзен

    Добрый день. Имеется: google chrome, программа adguard. В браузере поисковой системой по умолчанию назначен Яндекс. Когда открываешь браузер видишь поисковую строку, миниатюры сайтов, а под этим всем идет Яндекс Дзен. Помощник Adguard на начальной странице есть. Но не блокирует бесконечный...
  10. P

    AdGuard DNS using DNS Override App on LTE/4G

    I am running Chrome Browser on IOS 11.3.0, iphone7 plus. The Adguard DNS works great on the wifi (I used the 2 DNS ending .130, .131). I read somewhere it may be possible to also block Ads on LTE/4G using app like DNS Override. Thus, I set up the profile with the same DNS using DNS Override...
  11. Tribulatio

    Some trackers not blocked?

    I continue with my initial experiences with AdGuard - I have the app installed on my Mac. As I understand the way AdGuard is working, it should stop all trackers, right? Unless, of course, I "whitelist" a page or site. To a large extent it seems to be working properly - except for Google...
  12. BobbyPhoenix

    Mining warning not showing in Firefox?

    See my post in this thread. I'm posting it hear also since my main concern is why is Firefox not showing the warning? In Chrome I get the below message warning, but nothing in Firefox. Same site visited at the same...
  13. U_Syrex

    [Решено] (||

    Смотрю ролики с сайта ( , у них нет собственного плеера, поэтому они используют чужие, просто загружая их к себе. Вот, собственно смотрю у них постоянно через один плеер ( Рекламные ролики встроены в плеер(т.е. аналогично как на ютубе). При начале...
  14. R

    Blockchain Mining Detection Going Off A Lot, Starting Today

    Hi-- I'm getting a whole rash of popups of the form: This has been happening on roughly half of the sites that I've visited, but not all. This started today--haven't ever seen this message before then. I'm just running the browser extension (filter Version, which seems to have...
  15. B

    Advice on filters and avoiding duplication

    (1) I have uninstalled the Chrome "I don't care about cookies" extension, since I see that AdGuard has a version in its filter list which I assume will be system-wide and thus better than the Chrome extension. Is there a list of other Chrome extensions or Mac apps I won't need any more, now that...
  16. A

    Всем привет! можете объяснить, что это? Появилось сегодня, появляется, приемущественно, в VK Нажимаю отмена, окно исчезает, а потом, через какое - то время, опять появляется! Если открыто несколько вкладок, то может появится на всех одновременно, либо в разное время. Гугл ответов не дает. Что с...
  17. J

    DNS unreachable when using AG + Chrome browser + Google Home

    Issue: DNS becomes unresolvable within 15 seconds of starting Chrome, if AG and Google Home are on. Background: I run about 140 tabs on Chrome (yes, yes, I know) and have never had any troubles with Chrome or AG until I started using my new Google Home - literally 30 seconds after I started...
  18. M

    HTML/Phish (Virus detected Chrome on Windows)

    After much testing - clearing the chrome cache -- uninstalling and reinstalling chrome -- I finally figured this out: when logging into on chrome with Adguard enabled, the Windows Defender Security Center is triggered, telling me I have a SEVERE problem (I have attached a...
  19. Bushido

    Selection Mode is buggy

    I'm trying to select an blockable feature on the website. I have ,,Selection Mode" opened from browsers right-click menu. When ,,Selection Mode" is opened, then when I scroll web page or move ,,Selection Mode" pop-up, then green frames are disappearing. So I can't select anything. When I don't...
  20. K

    Adblock for other browser.

    Other than safari. I also uses other type of browser like chrome. How do I enable that?