1. C

    AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly | Chrome

    Hi, M1 Mac / MacOS Big Sur 11.5 Adguard browser assistant: Chrome stable - works Chrome Beta / Dev/ Canary - doesn't work, shows " AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly" What is the problem? I'm a developer and I need to run those other channels as well for my workflows.
  2. V

    Adguard blocks Chrome

    Hi, I recently meet a problem with Adguard and Chrome. When I try to start Chrome, I have nothing, I can't search anything. I have just a pop-up to tell me to click on for actualise the extension but it isn't working. However, with Edge it works well. Someone had already met this problem ?
  3. d0x

    Auto play video in chrome...

    There doesn't seem to be a way to disable it. I've shut it off in settings but I still see auto play videos everywhere. I try to block them with adguard rules but it's on a site by site basis and takes like 10 min per site and isn't permanent. This doesn't happen in Firefox so I'm hoping...
  4. Y

    Adguard VPN for Chrome is not working properly

    There are many issues, now I will mention only one: the speed. It is impossible even to browse - most of the time there is no response at all from the page, though you are promising streaming. It was working better even with a free connection. Contacting the support does not deliver anything. No...
  5. Z

    Get a Threat

    Hello community, What does mean that ads on Adguard Chrome extension? ads on Adguard ? sounds strange.
  6. d0x

    Auto playing videos

    In chrome (can't use Firefox or I would) I have auto play shut off for audio and video yet I constantly see auto play videos... Is there something I'm missing here?
  7. H

    Adguard filters ads on chrome incognito tab but doesn't on normal tab

    First I cleared all cache from Chrome app on my android phone(Galaxy S20). When I access pages via normal Chrome tab, AdGuard doesn't filter some ads. But when I access same pages via incognito tab, it filters.
  8. P

    AdGuard и Chrome проблемы с блокировкой рекламы на YouTube

    Экспериментальный фильтр не помогает.
  9. U

    [Решено]Блокировка печати из Google Таблицы

    Сегодня обнаружил что не могу ничего распечатать из Гугл Таблиц. Идёт вечная "Отправка задания печати в Chrome". Методом тыка и отключения различных расширений выяснил что отправку на печать блокирует расширение Adguard. Когда его отключаю, печатать становится возможно. При этом pdf документы из...
  10. P

    How to disable AdGuard Assistant Beta in chrome/Edge

    Is there a way to exclude some apps from showing the assistant ?
  11. Hitman

    Разная фильтрация в разных мобильных браузерах

    Здравствуйте, уважаемые форумчане! Прошу помочь разобраться со следующей ситуацией. На смартфоне с Андроид 9.1 установлен Адгард 3.3.3 (фильтрация https включена), последние версии из Плей маркета мобильных браузеров Опера и Хром. При заходе на один и тот же сайт ( в Опере...
  12. DARKKi

    AdGuard Assistant (Chrome) does not detect Adguard

    When i press the Assistant it says "AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly". I have tried to reinstall both AdGuard and Assistant but the problem persists.
  13. DARKKi

    Is it possible to whitelist Honey (Chrome Extension)?

    I ran into problems with Honey (i did not get "gold" from purchase) and contacted their support and i was told this: Then i asked what url should i whitelist in order for it to work correctly and i was told: So is there any way to do this?
  14. V

    Question about white listing

    Hello! Is there way to make all websites on default "not blocked" and then I get to choose which websites I wan't blocked? Use Case: All websites unblocked. As I browse sites that I wants ads blocked (youtube, facebook, LinkedIn, etc) I start to block them one by one. Is this possible? I...
  15. T

    Notification Frequency

    Using Windows 10 and Google Chrome, around once an hour or so I see a pop up (in the bottom right of the screen) about some site being blocked. What is this about? I do see the small numeral figure when pop ups get blocked by the AdGuard extension icon. But why is it once an hour rather than...
  16. M

    An option to disable AdGuard by default

    I would like Chrome AdGuard to have the option not to block ads by default. Many sites show not so much advertising, and it does not really interfere. And sites also make a profit for this advertising, and I don’t want to reduce their profits, because advertising doesn’t really bother me, except...
  17. B

    all chromium based browsers -> unknown ads and why?

    hi team adguard i have tested many chromium based browsers and have noticed that some ads are not blocked. of course i disabled internal adblocker on all browsers. i only used adguard with a few more filters and adaway with the standard hosts + mvps. in addition i tried to apply all ublock...
  18. K

    Пропускается реклама на странице поиска гугла

    На странице поиска гугла пропускается реклама, прям подписаны ссылки "реклама", значка ассистента почему-то нет, на других страницах есть. Ещё стоит расширение Adguard adblocker, пытаюсь им блокировать фильтром, она блокируется, по F5 страница выглядит хорошо, но стоит...
  19. A

    Differences between mac app and chrome extension

    If the only browser I use is Chrome, is there any advantage to using Adguard for Mac instead of the Chrome extension?
  20. D

    Google Chrome + Adguard + Яндекс дзен

    Добрый день. Имеется: google chrome, программа adguard. В браузере поисковой системой по умолчанию назначен Яндекс. Когда открываешь браузер видишь поисковую строку, миниатюры сайтов, а под этим всем идет Яндекс Дзен. Помощник Adguard на начальной странице есть. Но не блокирует бесконечный...