1. P

    Stealth Mode disabling Cloudflare checks

    I've noticed that several websites now implement Cloudflare "verify that you are human" checkboxes, especially when I am on VPN. But when Stealth Mode is enabled, the page reloads each time without passing the verification. Disabling Stealth Mode on these sites, via custom rules such as...
  2. ammnt

    Этот домен лучше добавить в список исключений https-фильтрации, так как он отвечает за кэширование Cloudflare и там лучше не встраиваться, так как редирект может не отработать. Пруфлинк: Проблемы могут возникнуть на таких сайтах как и
  3. H

    Seems new Business opportunity arises in some DNS packet manipulate issued countries.

    Yesterday, South Korea's overseas line monopolistic ISP 'KT' is start to running a DNS packet Manipulation over Inspection Program in partial of they're lines. someone says it's just a undersea cable line or just a Equipment issues but Not sure to confirm. only we confirm is, Half of South...
  4. M

    Support DNS over HTTPS DoH coming soon?

    How soon do you expect to support the new standard of encrypted DNS, DNS over HTTPS (DoH)? I asked a long time ago but there is no word yet. Is DoH or at least (DoT) DNS over TLS still on the roadmap??? Now it is available on the App by Cloudflare. Thank you.
  5. C

    Update failure on Windows 10

    Hey, I'm seeing update failures across both of my windows devices (win10, latest stable adguard build). I've tried a couple different network connections, and reinstalled the product on one of the machines with no change. In both cases, the product log shows that it's receiving a 503 error...
  6. A

    Need help adding custom DNS (Cloudflare

    Until the next version of Adguard for Android is released with Cloudflare included in the list of DNSCrypt DNS servers, I want to create a custom DNS entry. I tried creating a custom DNS entry witb: Server type: DNSCrypt Resolver address: Provider name: Cloudflare Provider key: <left...