1. M

    AdGuard don't connect to Proxy SOCKS5

    I have tried to connect to the following free SOCKS 5 proxy using AdGuard settings and it always gives connection error: IP: Port: 32580 However in Telegram if it works for me, any idea why AdGuard does not connect, but Telegram does?
  2. V

    DNS feature have conflic with many VPN apps

    As stated in the title since you released the DNS feature all my VPN apps have issues to connect or disconnect, sometimes I lose entirely connection to internet after disconnecting from VPN. As a temporary solution I disable the DNS feature for a few secs while changing the status of the VPN...
  3. K

    AdGuard Android App Plus AdGuard DNS Down?

    Hello AdGuard. I have your Android App and use your DNS in my router, but they appear to be down. It could be something else, but I'm able to connect to the internet with my phone by turning off AdGuard DNS VPN and by using my Spectrum default DNS servers. When I try to enable the Android app...
  4. D

    Problem with Hay Day

    Hi, since latest beta Build, the Game "Hay Day" cant connect to the Server. It's stuck on the loading Screen. Https Filtering is off. Ive got only a connect when i deactivate AdGuard. No Problems with 2.11.
  5. L

    No HTTP/2 support?

    Hello, I just discovered, that when I use Adguard for Mac, browsers use HTTP instead of HTTP/2 protocol - I can see this in chrome console on network tab. Question is, why? It slows down page loading because of many, many advantages with HTTP/2.