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  1. Love Chaos

    Help with custom filter for

    hi! i wanted to ask if is possible to make a rule for a specific case example: there...
  2. N

    Create filter for Javascript HELP

    Example site for this purpose: Site Source contains the script: <script type="text/javascript"> var milisec = 0; var mCheck = 0; var seconds = 30; var seconds_total = seconds; function...
  3. M

    Block JavaScript on per-domain basis

    Hi, Is there a generic rule(s) that blocks javascript (inline and 3rd-party) on a per-domain basis? I mean if I want to disable javascript on whole domain, for example '', is it possible? I'm using AdGuard Content Blocker for Samsung Internet
  4. M


    URL: A full screen alert is shown asking to enable JavaScript - which is already enabled; This alert doesn't go away until AdGuard is disabled or the site is whitelisted, an anti-adblock measure. Please see the attached screenshots I'm using AdGuard...
  5. M


    URL: This site seems to be using a custom or modified version of one of the anti-adblockers scripts. A full screen alert is shown on all pages asking to disable the ad-blocker (please see the attached screenshot). I'm using AdGuard Content Blocker, Samsung...
  6. M

    Block cookies per domain

    Hi, Is it possible to block cookies per a domain, say for example I want to block all cookies from ""? I'm using AdGuard v2.1.2 for Samsung Internet v7.4 Thanks in advance.
  7. M

    Custom Filter/Rule for Cookies on [Android]

    Hi there, A short intoduction of the issue: Unlike desktop browsers, browsers on android don't give us the proper control to decide which websites are allowed/not-allowed to store cookies in our devices, it' just that we can enable or disable cookies all together, which is - very - impractical...
  8. M

    [Resolved] Block content

    Hi, I'm trying to block content on a website on mobile. I have on my desktop Adblock filters in place which work but on adguard for mobile I can't seem to get them to work even after reading how to create the custom filters. Website: Adblock filters...