custom filter

  1. A

    I hope ADGUARD add syntax check function.

    uBlock origin can support syntax check, though ADGUARD can highlight syntax, but it can't highlight error syntax. For me to write user filters, it is very inconvenient...... When is wrong syntax highlighted like his:
  2. Love Chaos

    Help with custom filter for

    hi! i wanted to ask if is possible to make a rule for a specific case example: there...
  3. N

    Create filter for Javascript HELP

    Example site for this purpose: Site Source contains the script: <script type="text/javascript"> var milisec = 0; var mCheck = 0; var seconds = 30; var seconds_total = seconds; function...
  4. M

    Block JavaScript on per-domain basis

    Hi, Is there a generic rule(s) that blocks javascript (inline and 3rd-party) on a per-domain basis? I mean if I want to disable javascript on whole domain, for example '', is it possible? I'm using AdGuard Content Blocker for Samsung Internet
  5. M


    URL: A full screen alert is shown asking to enable JavaScript - which is already enabled; This alert doesn't go away until AdGuard is disabled or the site is whitelisted, an anti-adblock measure. Please see the attached screenshots I'm using AdGuard...
  6. M


    URL: This site seems to be using a custom or modified version of one of the anti-adblockers scripts. A full screen alert is shown on all pages asking to disable the ad-blocker (please see the attached screenshot). I'm using AdGuard Content Blocker, Samsung...
  7. M

    Block cookies per domain

    Hi, Is it possible to block cookies per a domain, say for example I want to block all cookies from ""? I'm using AdGuard v2.1.2 for Samsung Internet v7.4 Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Custom Filter/Rule for Cookies on [Android]

    Hi there, A short intoduction of the issue: Unlike desktop browsers, browsers on android don't give us the proper control to decide which websites are allowed/not-allowed to store cookies in our devices, it' just that we can enable or disable cookies all together, which is - very - impractical...
  9. M

    [Resolved] Block content

    Hi, I'm trying to block content on a website on mobile. I have on my desktop Adblock filters in place which work but on adguard for mobile I can't seem to get them to work even after reading how to create the custom filters. Website: Adblock filters...