1. A

    Help me. How to do syntax check?

    I used custom filters, but sometimes Adguard doesn't work because I write error syntax. I wrote thousand syntax, I don't find any error syntax.... I must spend a day checking them.... How to solved it?
  2. D

    Adguard Home Linux Block Ads from Youtube

    Hi everyone! Im using adguard on linux raspberry pi 4 and building a filter of custom blacklist on webUI. There's some way to block youtube's ads in javascript? Regards.
  3. Roccobot

    May need some help to create a complex rule

    Hello, I'm trying to write a rule to block the following iframe on a specific domain, let's say <iframe id="EU3rWhhcDTy" scrolling="no" style="position: fixed; display: block; z-index: 2147483647; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; outline: none; border: none; background-color...
  4. Roccobot

    Twitter and Facebook embed

    I'm using some anti-social annoyances which I really enjoy, BUT I'd like to see embedded tweets and Instagram posts in pages. Example: this page has a Twitter widget and I see it like this. Any suggestion for a proper whitelist rule? Thanks
  5. B

    Custom rules for System-wide blocking

    Hello! I'd like to see the actual domain names for this filter. I'm switching from Disconnect. Been using Adguard Pro for iOS for the past 2 days and I noticed a lot of ads and trackers are not filtered out compared to with Disconnect. Where can I check the list of the domain names for this...
  6. Z

    Simple custom user filter not woking... :-(

    Hi, I'm trying to make a custom filter to redirect url or change part of the response but I can't make it to work! Source: I tried replacing the word "fail" with the word "error" in the response using the following filter: Filter...