1. twistedvincent

    [Solved] Dark Mode

    I guess I'm thick headed because I just updated my android app but can't find the dark mode switch. Help?
  2. O

    Dark theme had a pure black theme but now it's dark gery

    Hi, I'm a OnePlus 6 user. The phone has an AMOLED display panel. Which means pixels get turned off whenever the pixel is black, in this case when the theme is black, which helps save battery and give a darker black. The initial 3.0 (nightly) release had a black theme but in a recent update it...
  3. D

    AdGuard 4.1 ROCKS!!!

    The new ability to block site elements is AWESOME!!!! I also love the dark mode coloring and the ability to change to different DNS within the app! The sad thing is, I just purchased DNS Override in order to change my DNS between AdGuard DNS and OpenDNS quicker and now I can do it all from...
  4. RedHed

    A Dark Material Design Theme

    A dark material design theme would be useful to have as an option for those of us who have sensitive eyes to all white and light user interfaces. Dark grey with colour highlights (blue/orange?), with light/medium grey font colour. Maybe even a black AMOLED theme as well. Same idea could also...