dns /vpn thing

  1. furdzik

    Adguard DNS + ExpressVPN Compatibility

    Hi Guys, I am running Adguard with the DNS Settings On (Cloudflare) while being connected to Express VPN which uses it's own proprietary DNS Server. I am wondering if one cancels the other out or if me having DNS on Adguard enabled has any effects on speed and latency since I am routing...
  2. C

    DNS filter and bettery cost of paid version

    Hi dears I’ve been a user of AdGuard Pro not only iOS but pc. The pc version is too nice to complain about. However, the adguard for iOS. I have serveral problems with it. First, when I turned off the safari filter, the dns filters seem to stop working with blocking ads. There are only a few...
  3. Broetchen Developer

    DNS /VPN thing

    Hey, ADGUARD is nearly perfekt. So I asked myself if it would make sence to pay for the pro version. Sorry but i do not like your DNS /VPN thing you did. It makes no sence, sorry. There are much faster DNS out there. dnscrypt is a highly complex thing which can not work without vpm. But your...