1. S

    Branch.io, unreal amount of data saved on DNS

    Hi there! I've just installed adguard on my android phone this morning, and I love it so far. I have two issues which may be connected to each other, one of which I found info about online. I attached a screenshot of each issue. 1. Branch.io requests blocked every 2-3 seconds I've looked...
  2. S

    Can query using DoH but DoT and DoQ time out + DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

    Tried to connect to query server via DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-QUIC using Adguard VPN on Windows and iOS. My VPS has a domain name is has a SSL cert from Let's Encrypt.
  3. Q

    AdGuard blocking all my network traffic?

    Not sure what happens here, but since this morning, I have to kill AdGuard in order to browse internet. Otherwise, my browser keeps loading, and at some point, Chrome finally displays a DNS error (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG). I use AdGuard with the DNS Protection, with the AdGuard DNS...
  4. M

    Adguard dns 2.0

    When will this getting unlimited queries instead 10million?
  5. Ad Slayer

    err_name_not_resolved error message when using mobile phone network

    Hello, AdGuard works pretty well when I use it at home with my WiFi network, however, when I go out and use the mobile phone network, I have to disable AdGuard because the DNS doesn't seem to work anymore (even when looking up web sites like Google). The web browser returns an...
  6. S

    Private AdGuard DNS is not correctly assigning Apple domain to the nearest IP in China

    Private AdGuard DNS always assigned Apple domain to Germany, but I live in China. It's worth noting that not every Apple domain is assigned wrong, some Apple domains are assigned correctly to China or Hong Kong and Singapore(Some Apple domains have no IP in China). eg: itunes.apple.com...
  7. C

    Enable DNS Protection in Adguard App via Terminal

    Hi guys! I just wondering, is there any way to enable and disable DNS Protection, via terminal mac? Thankyou!!
  8. D

    When DNS Protection is on, iPhone keeps switching between Wifi and Data.

    Hey, been using AdGuard for quite a while, had a similar issue as mentioned above before but changing to another DNS server seemed to fix it, now the issue is back but happens with every DNS server, the phone just constantly switches between my Wifi connection and my 4G/5G data connection. Has...
  9. SimplyCurious

    DNS unable to block YouTube ads on Playstation

    I am using DNS via my Windows PC so I hope this is the right category. No category is present for AdGuard DNS, only the browser extension. It is unable to block YouTube ads via the Playstation app. Justin from Telegram said something about the videos and the ads being on the same domain, and...
  10. N

    AdGuard Home loses encryption certificates on VPS reboot

    Hi! First, I love this product... AdGuard Home is almost perfect, and I have used it on a VPS to replace a Pi-Hole I had internal to my network. One issue I am having is this: Whenever I reboot my VPS, I have to set up the Encryption certs all over again. This occurs whether I paste the...
  11. G

    Windows 11 problems with DNS protection...

    Microsoft Store and Windows Update do not work until I disable Adguard. All the days of updates then come pouring in. It has to be the DNS, I am not filtering any of those processes. All I can think of to do is try to add a bunch of update servers to the DNS exclusions. Is Adguard a DNS proxy...
  12. L

    Adguard Home on VPS - use as private DNS on Android devices

    Hey! I prepared AdGuard Home on my VPS, everything works fine in normal cases i.e. when I use VPS IP as DNS server, but I'm also interested in using it as private DNS on my android devices - the same way we can now type "dns.adguard.com" in settings. Think AdGuard DNS have some stability issues...
  13. I

    Adguard for Windows DNS settings does not work on windows 11

    DNS setting by Adguard for Windows does not work after updating to windows 11 latest version. It uses the DNS set on my router. By manually setting the Adguard DNS IP address directly in windows 11 it works. Often when you refresh the Adguard testing page in a brief period, you will find that...
  14. A

    Select different DNS providers for WiFi and mobile data

    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate an option to select one (local) dns server when I'm connected to wifi and a different one when I'm using mobile data. Right now I've entered my local dns as first option and a different one as "fallback" in the second line. However, that means when I'm...
  15. Ghost-Hardware

    AdGuard DNS DoH logs : where can I see blocked trackers?

    Hey everyone, So I'm currently using AdGuard on macOS Monterey with AdGuard VPN. I have DoH enabled with AdGuard DNS as DNS server and the browser extension installed. Private Relay is disabled. On iOS, I can see all blocked trackers and ads on the analytics menu of AdGuard Pro which is very...
  16. Y

    Custom DNS Filter

    Hi, I am new to the forum and not super tech savy. I am trying to use a user filter in DNS custom filter. I have this in user filters- ||ads-v-darwin.hulustream.com/published/*.mp4$media,redirect=noopmp4-1s,domain=hulu.com However I cannot add the entire thing in DNS filters. It gives an error...
  17. F

    web.whatsapp.com blocked (invalid certificate/ not private conection)

    i'm havin "invalid certificate" error using adguard dns after change to google dns everything was normal report : https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardFilters/issues/97702 browser: google chrome, firefox filter: adguard dns
  18. K

    AdGuard DSN not working on iOS 15 on native mode

    I have AdGuard Premium running on iOS 15. I have DNS set to native mode, but when I go to the test site https://adguard.com/en/test.html, it says that AdGuard DNS is not running. It does seem to work if I use AdGuard mode (not native), but then I can't use ProtonVPN at the same time using...
  19. P

    [Solved] Custom DNS Screwed up on Version 7.7

    I'd been using DNS-over-TLS with a custom NextDNS address (https://nextdns.io/) happily and successfully before version 7.7. Then, yesterday, I upgraded to version 7.7, and decided to try out DNS-over-QUIC, since it was one the new features. Navigating to Settings -> DNS Protection and...
  20. d0x

    [Solved] Adguard DNS (adblocking)

    So I was using the new Edge browser on my Xbox series x and the ads immediately made me go insane So I changed my router settings to use Adguard DNS with the fallback being alternate DNS which is also supposed to block ads. Then I rebooted the console and still saw the same amount of ads. Am...