1. P

    [Solved] Custom DNS Screwed up on Version 7.7

    I'd been using DNS-over-TLS with a custom NextDNS address (https://nextdns.io/) happily and successfully before version 7.7. Then, yesterday, I upgraded to version 7.7, and decided to try out DNS-over-QUIC, since it was one the new features. Navigating to Settings -> DNS Protection and...
  2. d0x

    [Solved] Adguard DNS (adblocking)

    So I was using the new Edge browser on my Xbox series x and the ads immediately made me go insane So I changed my router settings to use Adguard DNS with the fallback being alternate DNS which is also supposed to block ads. Then I rebooted the console and still saw the same amount of ads. Am...
  3. K

    Whitelist apps on iOS

    Heyo! I'm currently having some issues with the DNS protection interfering with the iOS Mail app. If the DNS protection is turned on (critical to blocking ads in various news apps), then every email I open is met with "Unable to load remote content privately" and pictures won't load until I hit...
  4. A

    Battery usage?

    I use a DNS server for ad removal and AdGuard for cookie warnings and cosmetic filtering. I was wondering if Safari uses more battery power when browsing with the AdGuard filters activated.
  5. C

    DNS Discovery

    Hi, I'm using adguard on my android 11. But i can not find fature DNS Discovery. Thats feature already on personalDNSfilter. It can add more DNS server at same time, use them and let adguard decide which is fastest. Could you add it that feature into adguard if possible? Because i can not test...
  6. V

    DNS feature have conflic with many VPN apps

    As stated in the title since you released the DNS feature all my VPN apps have issues to connect or disconnect, sometimes I lose entirely connection to internet after disconnecting from VPN. As a temporary solution I disable the DNS feature for a few secs while changing the status of the VPN...
  7. P

    "PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR" using Firefox

    Hi! I have installed AdGuard 7.6.1 on my partner's computer, with a standard lifetime license. They use Firefox and have been having trouble accessing some websites while it is on, with the same error message : PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR The first time they saw it was when trying to log in their...
  8. C

    AdGuard DoH Datacamp fraud?

    DNS fraud? I use Opera DNS over HTTPS and AdGuard : https://dns.adguard.com/dns-query Tested: http://www.whatsmydnsserver.com/ https://dnsleaktest.com/ Result: Your DNS Server Owner of this server Datacamp Limited "Datacamp Limited - Fraud Risk. We consider Datacamp Limited...
  9. G

    When I add a custom DNS over QUIC, the application closes and the configuration is not saved

    Good afternoon and thanks in advance. When I add a custom DNS over TLS, it saves correctly. I need to add a DNS over QUIC to add NextDNS. Thanks
  10. G

    DNS filtering on device

    Hi. I know that Adguard can block ad on device system-wide via this DNS filter: https://adguardteam.github.io/AdGuardSDNSFilter/Filters/filter.txt It works in all apps and extensions (iOS, Mac, Safari). As I understand Adguard basically matches the domain of any request with that list before...
  11. S

    2 dumb questions..... HELP!!!

    This question is related to AdGuard for Apple iOS Version 4.0.4 I have two dumb questions..... Question #1 If I go to ( Settings -> Safari Protection -> Filters ) these list are listed by default as options to turn on. (Base filter, Mobile Ad Filters, Easy List, Easy List, Peter Lowe’s...
  12. C

    Adguard test site available? I want to see status and proofs :)

    Hi. Is there a possibility to see the real effects of Adguard DNS adblocking and security? I want to be sure Adgurd runs correctly :) thx
  13. A

    Adguard DNS blocking Duckduckgo

    Adguard DNS Family Protection seems to be blocking duckduckgo. Can it be enabled, and forced to have strict filtering search enabled like google & bing?
  14. Woitler

    Не скачиваются обновления для Windows 10 (AdGuard DNS в 7.5)

    После обновления AdGuard до версии 7.5 и включения DNS-модуля не скачиваются обновления для Windows 10. Было установлено обновление 7.5, в настройках DNS-модуля был выбрал AdGuard DNS (DNS-over-HTTPS), после чего, компьютер был перезагружен. Отключение телеметрии Windows 10 не включал. Никаких...
  15. kalistiana

    Adguard With Stubby On MacOS & Linux

    Hello How do I configure Adguard Family DNS with Stubby to use DNSoverTLS. There are these fields I need to fill address_data: tls_port: 853 tls_auth_name: "dns-family.adguard.com" tls_pubkey_pinset: digest: "sha256" value: ??? What data should I...
  16. TitaniumMoon

    How can I block Disqus (comments) from loading with Adguard Home?

    I tried ||disqus.com^ but unfortunately it isn't working.
  17. D

    DNS-over-HTTPs vs DNS-over-TLS

    I tried to do some digging on my own through Google but I'm not much familiar with networking terms and alas, I learned pretty much nothing. Could anyone here explain the differences between these two and which should I choose? Thanks in advance!
  18. K

    AdGuard Android App Plus AdGuard DNS Down?

    Hello AdGuard. I have your Android App and use your DNS in my router, but they appear to be down. It could be something else, but I'm able to connect to the internet with my phone by turning off AdGuard DNS VPN and by using my Spectrum default DNS servers. When I try to enable the Android app...
  19. P

    [*] router DNS filter - Youtube videos still play ads

    Hello, Just started using Adguard DNS filter on my router. It removed a lot of ads, but: youtube videos still auto-play ads. DNS filters can't solve this? Regards
  20. K

    DNS Filtering on Android blocks all internet access outside of Chrome

    I started having this problem a couple weeks ago and saw that others were having similar issues, but not exactly the same. I just assumed it was a DNS issue that would sort itself out, so I disabled filtering for the time being. I'm still having this issue. When I have DNS Filtering enabled...