1. d0x

    [Resolved]Weird DNS requests

    I'm going to post a screenshot. Anyone have any idea what these dns requests about that are just random characters? Should I block them? They appear in the log and part of some background process because I'm not actively using an app at the time. This is on Android 9 with the latest security...
  2. A

    AdGuard Home detection/integration

    All of my family's Android phones and tablets run AdGuard for Android (AGforA) and at home I also run AdGuard Home (AGH). The problem I now have is that by using the DNS capability in AGforA to enforce use of secure DNS, when those same devices are connected to my home network, they do not use...
  3. KamWest

    Adguard DNS - The most important version

    Looking at the forum I notice the complete absence of an adguard dns section. With browser restrictions DNS Adguard will eventually become the only solution. A device that sits before the router that filters out ads and has parental control settings will become the best version of protection. I...
  4. T

    AirVPN is not working with Adguard on Windows

    So Eddie (VPN client from AirVPN) is not working with Adguard anymore. Earlier I did not have this issue. I try to turn off different programs, like a firewall, but Eddie started working olny after I turn off Adguard. I'm also using Adguard DNS, but it's fine, when AdGuard is turn off. Do you...
  5. A

    [*] cdn.discordapp.com blocked in DNS

    It looks like cdn.discordapp.com may be blocked in AdGuard DNS, which breaks the Discord app.
  6. ammnt

    Версия TLS для AdGuard DNS

    Добрый вечер. Как насчет того, чтобы поднять версию TLS в DoT до 1.3? А то сейчас 1.2 и в любом случае мы к этому придем... Спасибо.
  7. H

    Seems new Business opportunity arises in some DNS packet manipulate issued countries.

    Yesterday, South Korea's overseas line monopolistic ISP 'KT' is start to running a DNS packet Manipulation over Inspection Program in partial of they're lines. someone says it's just a undersea cable line or just a Equipment issues but Not sure to confirm. only we confirm is, Half of South...
  8. V

    Adguard DNS - resolves bad (potentially dangerous) domain

    Hi Adguard Team! I've installed from Google Play browser Microsoft Edge. It has on home-page few predefined shortcuts (Wikipedia, Facebook, etc.). One of them follows to the Microsoft Store...
  9. J

    AdGuard DNS Leak and some ads not blocked

    Hello, This is for AdGuard DNS I set up DNS to use AdGuard dns servers individually in my Windows 10 computer and Android phones. I was reading some information at https://www.webmd.com and ads were showing up at all sides I don't know if Adguard DNS do it on purpose (not to block ads...
  10. A

    Android Pie AG DNS over TLS reboots

    I'm experiencing intermittent soft reboots on my Pixel 3 XL ever since I pointed my private DNS provider to dns.adguard.com; a few times last night and a few this morning. I did not experience any problems while using Cloudflare DNS over TLS. Other Pixel users also have reboots...
  11. BlueCarbon

    DNS Is Leaking!

    I’m using AdGuard Pro with ProtonVPN. I have AdGuard’s DNS set to System Default and AdGuard’s VPN set to Split-Tunnel. When I run a leak test, it will only show ProtonVPN’s DNS being used, but after a short while it will also show my cellular provider’s DNS servers. So AdGuard is causing a DNS...
  12. Y

    Планируется добавлять функционал simple dns crypt?

    Ну или функции DNS cloak? ну там выбор нескольких днс блокировка ipv6 упаковка в TCP кэширование?
  13. M

    Support DNS over HTTPS DoH coming soon?

    How soon do you expect to support the new standard of encrypted DNS, DNS over HTTPS (DoH)? I asked a long time ago but there is no word yet. Is DoH or at least (DoT) DNS over TLS still on the roadmap??? Now it is available on the App by Cloudflare. Thank you.
  14. S

    AdGuard Family DNS is blocking Google search

    Hello, I've been using AdGuard Family DNS for months without issues until a few days ago: AdGuard Family DNS is now blocking Google search in any browser on my Android phone. The addresses blocked by AdGuard Family DNS are: www.google.com www.google.fr Is this new behavior normal? If you did...
  15. A

    DNS - DNS pool, latency testing, auto-selection

    With 2.12 adding the new DNSCrypt V2, DoH, and extended list of DNS servers, I'd love to see the feature set continue to expand to include the ability to select multiple DNS servers (i.e. create a pool of servers) and have AG test for availability and latency and auto-select the best performing...
  16. B

    [Resolved] DNS Issue

    Hi. After several issues I just found out the Adguard Family DNS is causing some serious issues on normal activities. For instance: 1. Netamo weather module gets disconnected and cannot reconnect. 2. Sonos Mixcloud does not work. If you add Google DNS then everything is back to normal. FYI it...
  17. ammnt

    Как проверить работу DNSCrypt?

    Добрый день. Использую на роутере и мобильных устройствах ваши DNS с семейной фильтрацией через DNSCrypt. Фильтрация работает, но работает ли шифрование абсолютно непонятно. Неясно как проверить это внешними способами. При помощи следующих инструментов получаю неоднозначные результаты: 1...
  18. Z

    App accesses the internet through dns

    I've blocked an app called QualityTime from using the internet. (Through the app info. i.e. system and Adguard) [Local proxy setup mode: Automatic (root)] And also blocked the website it connects to: zeropc.com (User Filter: “||*zeropc.com^$empty”) Adguard says that the app hasn't...
  19. A

    DNS Filtering

    Is there any advantage to using DNS filtering on top of the standard filtering built into Adguard?
  20. Z

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0 I am still on version 1.2.1, but I’m fed up updating all my 500 apps manually every day. What is the difference between AdGuard Pro 1.2.1 and post 1.2.1? Is there really no system wide ad blocking in latest versions?” Alternatively, is there any way I can enable automatic...