1. Y

    Планируется добавлять функционал simple dns crypt?

    Ну или функции DNS cloak? ну там выбор нескольких днс блокировка ipv6 упаковка в TCP кэширование?
  2. M

    Support DNS over HTTPS DoH coming soon?

    How soon do you expect to support the new standard of encrypted DNS, DNS over HTTPS (DoH)? I asked a long time ago but there is no word yet. Is DoH or at least (DoT) DNS over TLS still on the roadmap??? Now it is available on the App by Cloudflare. Thank you.
  3. S

    AdGuard Family DNS is blocking Google search

    Hello, I've been using AdGuard Family DNS for months without issues until a few days ago: AdGuard Family DNS is now blocking Google search in any browser on my Android phone. The addresses blocked by AdGuard Family DNS are: www.google.com www.google.fr Is this new behavior normal? If you did...
  4. A

    DNS - DNS pool, latency testing, auto-selection

    With 2.12 adding the new DNSCrypt V2, DoH, and extended list of DNS servers, I'd love to see the feature set continue to expand to include the ability to select multiple DNS servers (i.e. create a pool of servers) and have AG test for availability and latency and auto-select the best performing...
  5. B

    [Resolved] DNS Issue

    Hi. After several issues I just found out the Adguard Family DNS is causing some serious issues on normal activities. For instance: 1. Netamo weather module gets disconnected and cannot reconnect. 2. Sonos Mixcloud does not work. If you add Google DNS then everything is back to normal. FYI it...
  6. ammnt

    Как проверить работу DNSCrypt?

    Добрый день. Использую на роутере и мобильных устройствах ваши DNS с семейной фильтрацией через DNSCrypt. Фильтрация работает, но работает ли шифрование абсолютно непонятно. Неясно как проверить это внешними способами. При помощи следующих инструментов получаю неоднозначные результаты: 1...
  7. Z

    App accesses the internet through dns

    I've blocked an app called QualityTime from using the internet. (Through the app info. i.e. system and Adguard) [Local proxy setup mode: Automatic (root)] And also blocked the website it connects to: zeropc.com (User Filter: “||*zeropc.com^$empty”) Adguard says that the app hasn't...
  8. A

    DNS Filtering

    Is there any advantage to using DNS filtering on top of the standard filtering built into Adguard?
  9. Z

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0 I am still on version 1.2.1, but I’m fed up updating all my 500 apps manually every day. What is the difference between AdGuard Pro 1.2.1 and post 1.2.1? Is there really no system wide ad blocking in latest versions?” Alternatively, is there any way I can enable automatic...
  10. Woitler

    Проблема с DNS "AdGuard Стандартный" и переключением сети

    Периодически пропадает интернет-соединение при использовании DNS "AdGuard Стандартный". Иконка VPN с панели не исчезает, иконка Wi-Fi или LTE тоже на месте, но соединения нет. Браузер Safari не загружает сайты, а приложения сообщают, что нет интернет-соединения. Если отключить антитрекинг или...
  11. V

    about DNS-Servers

    I'm new to Adguard PRO on iOS. About the DNS-Server. There is AdGuard-Standard for blocking Ads, Tracker and Phishing Websites. This sounds great. But this isn't encrypted or? So encrypted DNS-Server you have AdGuard DNS, this only removes Ads and protects from Malware. But not about...
  12. P

    AdGuard DNS using DNS Override App on LTE/4G

    I am running Chrome Browser on IOS 11.3.0, iphone7 plus. The Adguard DNS works great on the wifi (I used the 2 DNS ending .130, .131). I read somewhere it may be possible to also block Ads on LTE/4G using app like DNS Override. Thus, I set up the profile with the same DNS using DNS Override...
  13. Jecht_Sin

    Adguard DNS down?

    Yesterday, April 29th 2018, my Apple TV 4K went banana. I have set it to use the Adguard DNS (it allows only one server). It took me a while to figure out it was something with the DNS because, typical Murphy's law, it happened just after I have reset my NAS since my SMB...
  14. A

    Need help adding custom DNS (Cloudflare

    Until the next version of Adguard for Android is released with Cloudflare included in the list of DNSCrypt DNS servers, I want to create a custom DNS entry. I tried creating a custom DNS entry witb: Server type: DNSCrypt Resolver address: Provider name: Cloudflare Provider key: <left...
  15. A

    Will Cloudflare DNS be added soon?

    Will Cloudflare DNS be added to the default list of DNSCrypt DNS options in the mobile versions of AG?
  16. Micha

    AdGuard DNSы против майнеров

    Подскажите пожалуйста Если я пропишу в НСы то получу защиту от разных майнеров которые так и норовят завесить винду
  17. G

    Problem with my ISP

    Hello all, I am from India and I have been using adguard dns service. I really appreciate your service and I am happy with it. Recently I changed my ISP JIO - which is a 4G VOLTE network. They provide a router called JioFi(https://www.jio.com/shop/en-in/c/jiofi), which provides fast Internet in...
  18. Z

    Фильтры и VPN

    Доброго времени суток. Не совсем понимаю принцип фильтрации рекламы при использовании DNS + фильтров. Если используется AdGuard dns, то число включённых для Safari можно уменьшить, ведь какие-то из них применены на DNS сервере? А какие именно и посоветуйте, пожалуйста, какой набор фильтров...
  19. D

    AdGuard 4.1 ROCKS!!!

    The new ability to block site elements is AWESOME!!!! I also love the dark mode coloring and the ability to change to different DNS within the app! The sad thing is, I just purchased DNS Override in order to change my DNS between AdGuard DNS and OpenDNS quicker and now I can do it all from...
  20. C

    Adguard Pro IOS / DNS issue and conflicting privacy policies

    I have a few questions about Adguard pro specifically the DNS function. (the screenshots to the problem can be found here https://imgur.com/a/hqDpp and they are in the order that I am mentioning them) After installing Adguard pro (which is supposed to block ads trackers and phishing with its...