1. I


    I had an issue when trying to add custom port (e.g. 5353) on pref.vpn.dns, inside Low Level Settings. It says: "VPN is not supported". But, when I tried on my ios device I've found that this setting worked. My question: Is it possible to implement this feature on android too?? For...
  2. X

    Is enabling simplified domain names filter together with the individual filters redundant?

    I have configured my router to use Adguard's DNS service. And on Adguard itself I have enabled the simplified domain names filter. Since that filter is "composed from several other filters (English filter, Social media filter, Spyware filter, Mobile ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy) and...
  3. D

    DNS filtering questions

    Hi, Here's my configuration (targeting for lowest CPU/memory): - Filter DNS requests is checked and also pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass and pref.vpn.ipv6.bypass are checked. - Ad Blocker: Only simplified domain names is selected. - Filtering method: Simplified. 1: When using DNS filtering, does the...
  4. B

    Help on configuration

    Hello. I have a question regarding the configuration on OSX and iOS. First of all I installed on both platform Adguard and Pro (iOS) and NordVPN. Here is my configuration: 1. Airport Extreme - DNS used are OpenDNS Home custom 2. OSX latest version - DNS used are OpenDNS Home custom 3. iOS...
  5. Kill Face

    Slowdown using DNS product?

    Hi, I can't find the right forum for this, so here it is... I'm worried about using a different DNS on my router that it will slow down my web browsing experience. Do you benchmark your DNS servers compared to 'standard' ones such as Is it possible that I notice a slowdown in...
  6. Lexus


    Огромная пропущенная реклама "Марафон Бет", на весь задний фон + по бокам и вверху сайт: https://www.sports.ru продукт: ДНС Гуард
  7. T

    Question about DNS filter

    I have a small question want to ask about DNS filter: "By activating DNS filter mode (Simplified filtering method, filter DNS requests, pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass and pref.vpn.ipv6.bypass checked), will it block inapps ads (YouTube and Spotify in my case)?" And yes, I have premium account.
  8. L

    DNS servers

    Hello New here. I purchased two-device android licence and I use one on my phone and one on my wife's. I would like to set family protected dns servers (I use those on my router and I would like to stick to those also on mobile networks) because sometimes kids grab the phone and I do not want...
  9. M

    AdGuard DNS discuss

    I cannot recommend using this DNS yet because of many problems. Slow response time from my country (ping always 400ms+ on any network i try). Frequent "no response" listed in status log (Adguard Pro for iOS). Happens on any network I try. Users outside of Russia need closer servers to improve...
  10. B

    AdGuard Pro iOS - DNS and TV apps

    Hi. I realised that when the DNS option is enabled in iOS Adguard Pro, all applications related to TV media cannot play shows or live TV. I have to disable it to make it work. Is there a workaround solution you can work on as I wish to keep the DNS because it works very well to stop ads on...