1. B

    Help on configuration

    Hello. I have a question regarding the configuration on OSX and iOS. First of all I installed on both platform Adguard and Pro (iOS) and NordVPN. Here is my configuration: 1. Airport Extreme - DNS used are OpenDNS Home custom 2. OSX latest version - DNS used are OpenDNS Home custom 3. iOS...
  2. Kill Face

    Slowdown using DNS product?

    Hi, I can't find the right forum for this, so here it is... I'm worried about using a different DNS on my router that it will slow down my web browsing experience. Do you benchmark your DNS servers compared to 'standard' ones such as Is it possible that I notice a slowdown in...
  3. Lexus


    Огромная пропущенная реклама "Марафон Бет", на весь задний фон + по бокам и вверху сайт: https://www.sports.ru продукт: ДНС Гуард
  4. T

    Question about DNS filter

    I have a small question want to ask about DNS filter: "By activating DNS filter mode (Simplified filtering method, filter DNS requests, pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass and pref.vpn.ipv6.bypass checked), will it block inapps ads (YouTube and Spotify in my case)?" And yes, I have premium account.
  5. L

    DNS servers

    Hello New here. I purchased two-device android licence and I use one on my phone and one on my wife's. I would like to set family protected dns servers (I use those on my router and I would like to stick to those also on mobile networks) because sometimes kids grab the phone and I do not want...
  6. M

    AdGuard DNS discuss

    I cannot recommend using this DNS yet because of many problems. Slow response time from my country (ping always 400ms+ on any network i try). Frequent "no response" listed in status log (Adguard Pro for iOS). Happens on any network I try. Users outside of Russia need closer servers to improve...
  7. B

    AdGuard Pro iOS - DNS and TV apps

    Hi. I realised that when the DNS option is enabled in iOS Adguard Pro, all applications related to TV media cannot play shows or live TV. I have to disable it to make it work. Is there a workaround solution you can work on as I wish to keep the DNS because it works very well to stop ads on...