1. D


    Не планируете объединить в adguard для mac os опционально dnscrypt, как на android?
  2. ammnt

    Как проверить работу DNSCrypt?

    Добрый день. Использую на роутере и мобильных устройствах ваши DNS с семейной фильтрацией через DNSCrypt. Фильтрация работает, но работает ли шифрование абсолютно непонятно. Неясно как проверить это внешними способами. При помощи следующих инструментов получаю неоднозначные результаты: 1...
  3. V

    about DNS-Servers

    I'm new to Adguard PRO on iOS. About the DNS-Server. There is AdGuard-Standard for blocking Ads, Tracker and Phishing Websites. This sounds great. But this isn't encrypted or? So encrypted DNS-Server you have AdGuard DNS, this only removes Ads and protects from Malware. But not about...
  4. A

    Will Cloudflare DNS be added soon?

    Will Cloudflare DNS be added to the default list of DNSCrypt DNS options in the mobile versions of AG?
  5. B

    Adguard breaks DNSCrypt

    I’m no longer able to use DNSCrypt for Mac after I installed Adguard. Specifically, DNSCrypted can no longer change the system DNS most of the time, it’s back to the default DNS from the router. Even when it successfully changes the system DNS, I get an error message saying the domain can’t be...
  6. evilvibes

    dnscrypt.org is dead

    dnscrypt.org is gone and not being maintained by jedisct1 (https://twitter.com/jedisct1/status/928942292202860544). The people at Dyne.org said they will take it over (https://github.com/dyne/dnscrypt-proxy). Lets see what the future has for dnscrypt.
  7. SergZZZ

    DNSCrypt for iOS as a PRO add-on for AdGuard?

    Personally, I like the idea of DNS servers for filtering ads. I use Cisco Umbrella and their servers are superior, they block lots of junk on our networks, but they don't block ads. I like AdGuards DNS servers and they work well one but though, they are located in Russia, Moscow I get 154 ms to...
  8. Broetchen Developer


    Hey, why don't you implement DNScrypt in your IOS Pro App (VPN/DNS)? It should be technically possible. Best wishes