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    User Azure Data Studio to connect with and SQL Server running inside Docker

    Hello, I use Azure Data Studio (for Mac) to connect to my Azure SQL database, both in Azure and locally running SQL Server on linux inside a Docker container. With both I cannot connect when I have AdGuard running. Anyone has a suggestion what could cause this? Thanks so much, Marco
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    Adguard home encrypted upstreams not working / how to interpret log?

    (I couldn't find an adguard home section of the forum so I'm posting here :) ) In adguard home (docker) I have 3 upstream DNS servers specified: tls:// quic:// Yet in my query log I have a mix...
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    AdGuard Docker

    dont see a thread for Docker or Ubuntu, but I see this error message often in my logs, what could be the issue? SafeBrowsing: failed: got an unexpected HTTP status code 400 from '' adguard-home: image: adguard/adguardhome container_name...