1. Flipmode

    Impossible to find Category Change Log & Version History!

    There needs to be a topic under each device category that details the latest Nightly, latest Beta andand latest Stable, detailing all changeschanges and where youyou can downloaddownload the current or old version! It is impossible to find any details. I see topicstopics for versions that are...
  2. Rajeevan

    Downloading apps from Playstore

    Recently I noted that most times, it's difficult or delayed or almost not possible to download applications from play store while Adguard is running...I have to disable Adguard to start the download ...
  3. freshhh

    AdGuard incompatibility with IDM Internet Download Manager & YouTube

    AdGuard incompatibility with IDM Internet Download Manager when trying to download YouTube videos ! IDM doesn't allow anymore IDM to d/l videos . It has always worked before... This is a new incompatibility! IDM: Sample: any yt videos...
  4. Rajeevan


    Dear Adguard, Could you please provide a QR CODE with the download link so that we can download the apk directly to the device? Requesting the feature ..
  5. R

    Very Slow download while running

    I usually download at about 3+mbps with this on it won't go much higher than one? Anyway to fix this? As love this ad blocker thanks.
  6. C

    License Needed For AdGuard?

    I downloaded AdGuard and I wonder if the license is needed to use AdGuard. Can you use AdGuard and expect it to work without a license?
  7. vvgNovanet

    Нужные программы и утилиты

    Созрела мысль, создать страничку где будут ссылки на ПО которое может пригодиться для работы с AdGuard. (устранение неисправностей, установка необходимых отсутствующих компонентов. и пр.) В топик будут добавляться полезные ссылки. ►Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019...