1. Gass

    EasyCrypt – perfect email privacy service

    I don't know if their claim is correct, but they back it up with a lot of statements. Wished I could find as much information on Lavabit - Relaunch. EasyCrypt is the first email privacy service that combines end-to-end encryption, anonymity and metadata protection at your existing email...
  2. E

    [solved] Exchange web services unauthorized error

    I noticed that adguard sometimes will prevent apps from connecting to exchange web services. I am currently using aquamail and was getting an unauthorized error when trying to log into my account. Realized it started occurring when adguard was enabled. I was able to fix it just by going to...
  3. Gass

    AdGuard's Update Policy

    Hello Adguard Team, I know that Adguard updates itself by it's program Update Settings, either by silent automatic updates or use beta channel for updates. So when I mentioned "Policy" in my threads title I'm asking for more information actually. When a new "stable release" matures from beta...