1. N

    AdGuard Home - Loses Encryption Certificates on Reboot

    Hi! First, I love this product... AdGuard Home is almost perfect, and I have used it on a VPS to replace a Pi-Hole I had internal to my network. One issue I am having is this: Whenever I reboot my VPS, I have to set up the Encryption certs all over again. This occurs whether I paste the...
  2. U

    Threat to WiFi WPA2 Now Everyday Reality. Neither Android nor iOS have solutions

    From a Riseup.net security update. Personal Note: Riseup is an email provider I use, along with RiseupBlack on my Linux desktop. Use Linux (Debian or Arch) and free yourself from “Defective by Design” operating systems. Wi-Fi Advisory =================================================== There...
  3. Gass

    EasyCrypt – perfect email privacy service

    I don't know if their claim is correct, but they back it up with a lot of statements. Wished I could find as much information on Lavabit - Relaunch. EasyCrypt is the first email privacy service that combines end-to-end encryption, anonymity and metadata protection at your existing email...
  4. L

    AdGuard Blacklist?

    Hey everybody, I have a quick question regarding Adguard HTTPS blocking. On the Android version of Adguard I'm able to create a blacklist for certain HTTPS sites. Is there any way to do the same on the desktop version of Adguard? I know that Adguard replaces the certificates of websites with...