1. Dodger

    System DNS is a loopback ( An error occurred while using the AdGuard service.

    Здравствуйте! Во время запуска рабочей станции, с недавнего времени, стали стабильно появляться такие уведомления об ошибке и предложения отправить репОрт в службу поддержки AdGuard. Я уже отправлял, но пока подобые конфликты имеют место быть. Потом служба AdGuard запускается и работает, как ни...
  2. Wusa

    Ошибка Kernel Power 41 (63) после установки и запуска Adguard на Windows 11!

    Доброго времени суток! После обновления лицензионной Windows 11 до 22H2 и повторной установки AdGuard система стала вылетать сразу после логина ли ручного запуска AdGuard, скачанного с официального сайта. Ошибка появляется постоянно, при каждой загрузке, до полного удаления Adguard for windows...
  3. C

    I am having trouble with my install of AdGuard Home on a AWS Debian VPS

    I have created a VPS through AWS and SSHed into it, I did a apt update and then pasted this command: curl -s -S -L | sh -s -- -v It all installed and gave me a few links to follow to complete setup, when I...
  4. G

    Domain name excluded, but the page still shows an error?!

    Hello everyone, the following dating website doesn't accept proxy servers or a VPN. Therefor I have excluded this whole domain name in the AdGuard VPN settings but when I do that I still get the following error message on the browser page, see screenshot in attachment...
  5. I

    AdGuard Home - Error Updating

    Hello. I have been using AdGuard on Windows 10 without problems for about a year now. I have started to have problems since the latest update. I now noticed that none of my filters were auto-updating and tried to manually update them but received (Error) for all of them. I waited for the...
  6. _Marek_

    [Resolved] adblock detected

    Hello I wanted to report that aternos anti adblock detects adguard etc Link: AdGuard for Windows 7.6 nightly 24 DNS: AdGuard DNS (DNS over QUIC) DNS filters: 0 Chrome ver 89.0.4389.90 (64-bit) A list of enabled filters in AdGuard app: Ad Blocking: AdGuard Base filter...
  7. T

    Adguard interfering in every Google sessions

    Now there's no way to log in in any google account or use youtube etc in a functioning way while AdGuard is enabled. Logging into my google accounts gives the error "Something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong there. Try again." Using youtube after logging in without AdGuard and then...
  8. d0x

    Firefox won't work with adguard enabled.

    I'm trying to switch to Firefox but if adguard is enabled I can't use completely default and fresh install of Firefox (v68) I've attached a screenshot of the error. It basically is saying every websites security cert is invalid. Am I missing something in the adguard settings that's Firefox...
  9. Bastet

    [Resolved]Something went wrong error.

    Running the latest AdGuard version. Windows 1909. On occasion after a restart I receive a ‘something went wrong’ error, another restart usually corrects it. I’ve uninstalled via Revo uninstaller & reinstalled but problem remains. The problem seems to occur after AG has updated the filters...
  10. T

    YouTube "An error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID:....)"

    So as of the past couple of weeks I have been getting a playback error on YouTube, as per the quote/link below. It seems as though the issue may be around how advertisements are sent to the client now from YouTube. Has the AdGuard team looked into this possible issue...
  11. d0x

    protection not working, logs attached and screenshot

    I uninstalled and reinstalled adguard on Win10 because it hasnt been working. Protection says its not enabled in the windows task bar icon and when i try to load the main window it either doesnt do anything or it loads and has a spinning thing under the protection button and everything is...
  12. T

    AirVPN is not working with Adguard on Windows

    So Eddie (VPN client from AirVPN) is not working with Adguard anymore. Earlier I did not have this issue. I try to turn off different programs, like a firewall, but Eddie started working olny after I turn off Adguard. I'm also using Adguard DNS, but it's fine, when AdGuard is turn off. Do you...
  13. Urano_Metria

    [NSFW] videos do not work with AdGuard enabled.

    I bought AdGuard a long time ago, and I am currently sitting at a Lifetime 3 PC + 3 Mobile license. It has been the best and only ad blocking software I have used since then. However, this has been an ongoing problem ever since I first got AdGuard. I have never been able to get xHamster videos...
  14. d0x

    Bug in latest build [Win10]

    I installed the latest build of the Windows beta and it broke quite a few things gaming related. First it broke "teredo" which is the UWP Xbox app for Windows that allows you to chat, form parties etc. If you go to the apps settings>network and run a test (which is usually to check connection...
  15. W

    Conflict with Stylus, Wacom Tablet

    I purchased AdGuard license and I really enjoyed using it. But after installing Wacom Tablet Driver, Adguard crashed. Error message just say : AdGuard for Windows has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program After seeing the Event...
  16. P4nD3MoNiO badly made block uBO on Chrome OS: Windows 8.1 Browser :Chrome Adguard extension Filters: EasyList English + Fanboy-Social List + Peter Lowe's Ad server list + EasyList Spanish +List, Malware Domains
  17. S

    bsod error, Windows 10 (x64)

    Since last update I have the problem while shutting down my laptop, Adgaurd cause BSOD error. Is there any solution for this problem? I am sure Adgaurd is causing this error, I tried removing it, and everything was perfect.I repeated the process for three times, every time I have this error...
  18. R

    [Android] OVO application.

    Hello the latest update to their app is now coming up an ssl protocol error with adguard enabled anyway to fix this or will I just white-list the app.
  19. Anonymer-User

    [SOLVED] Windows 7: AdGuard for Windows cannot be started/installed - d3dcompiler_47.dll is missing

    Hello, I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit and suddenly I neither can start, nor can I install, uninstall or update AdGuard anymore (regardless if latest stable release or beta), everytime I try to start or install it, I get a message saying that AdGuard can't be installed due to a missing...
  20. M.D.Zelter

    Проблема с установкой обновления

    Здравствуйте Уважаемые ADGuard-user's! Впервые за последние годы случилась проблема с установкой обновления для ADGUARD версии Перезагрузка ПК не помогла. Обновление на протяжении 30.11.2016 г. постоянно горит на значке в трее. ADGUARD видит обновление, скачивает успешно, но не...