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    AdGuard interfering with Bullguard Safe Search

    Hi Adguard seems to be interfering with Bullguard Internet Security's Safe Search feature - the standard green tick that appears alongside search results to signal non-malicious sites. The tick disappears unless I shut Adguard down entirely (leaving services up/down doesn't matter); I'm sure...
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    Creating user exclusions for HTTPS filtering

    Is it possible for end users to create their own HTTPS fitering exclusions? I found the list of exclusions under Settings => Network => 'Filter https protocol' => exclusions, however their does not appear to be any facility for adding your own. Adding an exception such as...
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    Exclusions using wildcards

    Hello, First of all, great job with the product :) I am coming from Admuncher as it seems that, sadly the cow is dead now. So my question is regarding exclusions. How do I add exclusions for certain sites or IP addresses using wildcard characters? For example, I want to exclude ALL IP's that...