1. yigido

    SponsorBlock - Skip Sponsorships on YouTube

    SponsorBlock is an open-source crowdsourced browser extension and open API for skipping sponsor segments in YouTube videos. Users submit when a sponsor happens from the extension, and the extension automatically skips sponsors it knows about using a privacy preserving query system. It also...
  2. V

    Adguard blocks Chrome

    Hi, I recently meet a problem with Adguard and Chrome. When I try to start Chrome, I have nothing, I can't search anything. I have just a pop-up to tell me to click on for actualise the extension but it isn't working. However, with Edge it works well. Someone had already met this problem ?
  3. D

    Empty extensions in settings

    Hello. Using latest nightly 4.0.45. I've nticed the extension settings in settings->extensions, showing wired... There are two enteric turned on, but nothing is written as description and cannot see what is defined there. See attached screenshot At first I've thought the text is not visible...
  4. O

    [Resolved]Anti-AMP! and browser history

    Hi. In the latest version of AdGuard "3.4 Nightly 20 (99)" with this extension enabled, the history of my browser (Samsung Internet) loses one or more previously visited pages. Can you doing something about it? Thanks
  5. Devaraj G

    AdGuard browser extension not supported in Firefox

    Since the recent update of Firefox, AdGuard browser extension has been disabled due the current standards of Firefox. AdGuard is one of my most favourite and must need thing in my online life. I can't imagine a day in online without AdGuard. So, please update the extension as per current...
  6. d0x

    Blocking overlays?

    Would it be possible to block any kind of overlay either the kind that slides in after page load that you can close or the kind that appears and scrolls with the page and can't be closed? An example of both is located on this page...
  7. Scriven Tan

    AG Chrome Extension Integration Not Functioning on Certain Website

    Hello, The Chrome AG extension integration with windows AG is not functioning, particularly on my local intranet. Any idea why?
  8. Kees

    Very happy testing Adguard extension for chrome Beta

    Hi, The user interface is a big improvement. I have a small request. Add a WebRTC option to hide private IP address (use only public IP address). Thanks Kees
  9. E

    [Resolved] corrieredellosport.it video blocked

    Hi, there are many problem with one website. Adguard and website corrieredellosport.it/video doesn't work, can't load! There probles is in my pc: windows 10 beta home insider preview build 18282.rs_prerelease.181109-1613 with adguard 6.4.1840.4955 alpha. In attachment, you see my problem with...
  10. S

    tab for a cause

    Hey i really love your browser extention i use it all the time. The only thing is that i cant white list newtabs i use the extention "tab for a cause" and i think its a really good idea. But with your extention it blocks the add on there page so maybe you could update this so it lets trought the...
  11. nospame

    Youtube Replaying Videos

    When I open a youtube video, it plays for 2 seconds (aprox) and then it reload the video. Happens with AdGuard Safari extension. Doesn't happen with Adguard for Mac. MacOS High Sierra Macbook Pro (mid 2014) Filters: English Spyware Social Media Annoyances Safari AdBlock Warning Removal
  12. A

    Differences between mac app and chrome extension

    If the only browser I use is Chrome, is there any advantage to using Adguard for Mac instead of the Chrome extension?
  13. P

    Chrome Extension vs. Windows App for non-technical user

    Hi Forum Members, I have new to Adblockers and just downloaded the Adguard Wins 10 App. I plan to pay for it without any problem. However, I wanted to understand 2 things without being too technical myself: 1. What, if any, advantages do I have if I installed also the Chrome extension...
  14. C

    Installing AdGuard From GitHub to Support JS Rules?

    Hi, Currently, I use AdGuard Firefox extension on a Windows 7 PC (running Firefox 59.0.2), which was installed from AMO. I understand that this AMO version does not support JS rules from filter updates and that a version can be downloaded from GitHub here that supports these JS rules on...
  15. Bushido

    Panel of Lastpass vault

    How to remove panel from the Lastpass extension. This appears in the "My LastPass Vault" section; in the right side of vault. Right now, I am referring to the vault which is accessible via Lastpass extension. Can it be disabled in both, in extension and web-based versions?
  16. B

    Advice on filters and avoiding duplication

    (1) I have uninstalled the Chrome "I don't care about cookies" extension, since I see that AdGuard has a version in its filter list which I assume will be system-wide and thus better than the Chrome extension. Is there a list of other Chrome extensions or Mac apps I won't need any more, now that...
  17. jatenk

    [*] Safari extension: IFTTT mail notification link and the site behind the redirection get blocked

    I get mail notifications from IFTTT for new posts on two specific subreddits; they link to ift.tt/ followed by a random, individual sequence of characters which then redirects to the new post. They usually work perfectly, but today AdGuard's malware & phishing filter blocked one specific link...
  18. P

    Anti-Adblock Killer Userscript breaks websites if used via AdGuard, works fine with Tampermonkey

    As the title says: Enabling the Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek userscript as an extension in in Adguard 6.1 several websites won't load and simply remain blank forever, for example: http://www.spiegel.de Using only the filter list in Adblock but installing the matching userscript directly inside...
  19. Gass


    If Adguard could also log these sites for us and offer a feature for us to add this info. - so as something like rickz said in post #1 on https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/adguard-malware-blocking-options.14787/#post-106872 But really never open or warn if an entry was added, and...
  20. Bluscream

    [WiP] Steam Client +

    I was tired of all the cool userscripts for Steam that don't work in AdGuard for various reasons, so i started working on my own. Features (Still work in progress): If the join game button would not work at all it will get removed (steam://). Shows the server/match ip/id below the join game...