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    AdGuard for Chrome released

    Hello all! Adguard for Chrome/Opera has been published to the Chrome store and to addons.opera.com. Changelog: What's new in version * Added context menu * Fixed manual blocking of flash objects Extension is available by this link: Chrome Store...
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    Бета-версия расширения AdGuard для Firefox

    Привет всем! Пришло время выпустить наше расширение для Firefox в бета-тестирование. Мы немножко не уложились в обещанный срок, на часах уже первомай:). Пока что бета-тестирование закрытое. Есть некоторые недоработки, которые не позволяют начать открытое тестирование. Но мы надеемся, что с...
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    AdGuard Firefox Extension

    Hello all! We are pleased to announce that our Firefox extension is now ready for the beta test. It is not yet ready for open beta though but I hope with your help we will fix it soon:) How to install 1. Download xpi file from this link: http://chrome.adtidy.org/app.html?app=main.xpi 2...
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    How Well Does AdGuard compare?

    Just curious, how does Adguard compare to Admuncher, AdBlock, and Adblock Plus? Is Adguard better than Admuncher, or the other way around, and why? How does the extension differ from the full version? :confused: