1. F

    Remove AMP from Google Now feed

    Hi AdGuard, I love your app! It really blocks ads better than other solutions I've tried. However, articles in the Google Discover newsfeed (see attachment) are usually AMP pages. I don't like AMP pages because blocked ads leave a "web page not available" space, and user comments take several...
  2. C

    Is it redundant to use add-ons on Firefox Android while using Adguard?

    I was wondering if using add-ons uBO, Decentraleyes and similar are redundant if I already have Adguard activated. What dou you think?
  3. A

    If I have AdGuard app... do I need Safari extension?

    Hey, I just wanna ask, if having AdGuard as an app for Mac and also as a browser extension in Safari is a good idea? What approach is better - having just one of them or both? As they are created by the same company, it should work well together but... do they? No problem with running them at...
  4. freshhh

    userstyles.org extensions not working in AdGuard ?

    userstyles.org extensions not working as extensions added in AdGuard ? userstyles.org - Dark Google Minimalist https://userstyles.org/styles/95612 userstyles.org - facebook.com clear dark by book777 https://userstyles.org/styles/136318 userstyles.org - Google Inbox by Gmail Dark theme Updated...
  5. B

    No extensions installed in trial version?

    Hello, I'm testing the trial version of Adguard. If I understand correctly, some browser extensions are supposed to be installed too - but I see no new extensions on Google Chrome or Firefox, even if these are enabled in Adguard settings. Should I install these extensions separately? Thanks in...