facebook ads

  1. M

    AdGuard is not blocking Facebook ads, what to do?

    The extension for Google Chrome works normally.
  2. S

    Ads during videos

    Hello, i am using adguard's extension for chrome. I dont have any problems with youtube (can watch any video without being interrupted by ads), but on facebook it seems that adguard is not doing anything (in real its blocking "normal" ads, since i can not see any sponsored posts). Any idea? I...
  3. A

    [*] Facebook Audience Network

    Adgurd DNS does not block facebook Ads services on non-Facebook apps. It does not work on BDIX TESTER. I am using Adguard DNS on router.
  4. T

    Facebook still show ads

    I do not know why facebook still show ads on my browser. I am using lastest Chrome version Adguard for Windows : v7.4.1 I follow the guide but its not working. I try many times but no luck. Please help!!!
  5. G

    AG not blocking sponsored ads from facebook

    AG not blocking sponsored ads from facebook since 1st of April, also with ag on the facebook lags after some scrolls and i have to refresh the whole page.
  6. P

    [Resolved][*][FF Extension] Adguard does not block Facebook advertising.

    Hi, I'm using the extension for the Firefox ESR browser version 68.4.1. Attached are screenshots of the advertising that does not block the extension. I hope I can solve it. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.
  7. B

    Ads that interrupt Facebook vids

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that I was watching a Facebook video () that got interrupted by an ad. I really don't know if it was mentioned before, or if it is just something we have to live with, but is is a nasty way of putting ads as a rude interruption of the video you are watching...
  8. E

    Facebook unsponsored

    Hi, Can I know where is "Facebook unsponsored" extension on app for Android v3.00?? On computer desktop, facebook web app, adguard delete every sponsor! https://ibb.co/DDSr4jb Thanks!
  9. G

    Facebook Sponsored Ads Have Started Appearing Again

    Mac OS 10.14.1 Safari Version Version 12.0.1 Just noticed that sponsored ads have started appearing again. Restarted AdGuard app (paid subscription). Restarted Safari. Didn't help. Odd. The only difference between today (ads in my feed) and yesterday (no ads in my feed) is that I'm...
  10. A

    Facebook Messenger ads

    Will AdGuard Premium block the new ads in Facebook Messenger?
  11. A

    Facebook sidebar ads are not being blocked

    Facebook sidebar ads are not being blocked. I am using the latest English and Spyware filters on Chrome.
  12. esanchezis

    How can I make sure that business.facebook.com and all the domains that it calls are allowed?

    Facebook Business manager is the admin panel that I use to manage my employer's business page, review ads made by my coworkers, etc. Aside from it being ironic that I'm using Adguard and also manage a Facebook business page+ads, how can I make sure that I don't get the following error: When...