1. V

    Blocking "Suggested for you" on Facebook.

    I am able to block these kind of posts on Facebook via uBlock Origin using this custom filter: However, this does not work with AdGuard 7.12 on Windows. Please suggest a rule or another alternative that works with AdGuard.

    forum.xyz.com / graph.facebook / Stealth mode

    Hello ADG Family! Right now I come with 3 separate questions about creating a rules 1. I want to go "forum.xyz.com" but after period of time I m automatically transfered into "xyz.com". Can I use any modificators like $replace or $popup(before I forgot to say,when I open forum xyz,I m...
  3. C

    New Facebook Ad Tracking ? #FBRedDotAd

    Hi. Since 1 month i watch some weird behaviour on Facebook pages using the dark mode. Especially on the events of FB pages i see often a red dot on the left side for half a second. It is red with 10x10 px, PNG image, 79 bytes. Eg this page: https://www.facebook.com/bruecksclub/events/ The dot...
  4. S

    Facebook lite and Instagram lite will not start with Adguard enabled

    I'm using the latest version of Adguard and wanted to switch from Facebook and Instagram to their lite alternatives, however neither of these apps start with Adguard enabled, they hang at the startup screen until they timeout with a message that internet is not available. When I disable Adguard...
  5. A

    AdGuard is slowing down Facebook loading speed significantly

    Hello, I recently started using AdGuard for Windows. I have noticed, AG completely slows down the website load speed. This is mostly noticable on the facebook website. Is there any fix / recommendation for this? I have attaced loading time I collected using the dev tool from the firefox browser.
  6. N

    Need help to watch embedded tweets on ios

    Hi. I’ve been struggling to get embedded tweets to be seen on sites in my ipad, for example, in this page: https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/2/5/22268648/lebron-james-all-star-game-lakers. I’ve been reading online for potential solutions and the most common one I saw was to turn off Fanboy’s...
  7. TheHadouJHyrule

    Issues with Free Version of AdGuard VPN

    I’ve been using AdGuard VPN on my M1 Mac and iPhone without a license, and at a certain point, the VPN stops working properly altogether. I tried to sync with iMessage in iCloud, run some apps that use the internet, even try to open a webpage, but none of them work. I eventually shut down the...
  8. D

    Block facebook election info

    Is there a way to block the election info facebook is putting at the bottom of anything that has to do with politics?
  9. S

    Blocking the whole damn Social Media?

    Running adguard home.. its great and can't thank enough the community running and contributing in it. I am setting up own lists to block social media websites. It works great across the web no issues there; however; The phone apps continue to work, particularly Facebook and Instagram...
  10. G

    AG not blocking sponsored ads from facebook

    AG not blocking sponsored ads from facebook since 1st of April, also with ag on the facebook lags after some scrolls and i have to refresh the whole page.
  11. D

    Adguard url against Facebook community standards.

    Facebook won't let me post Adguard's URL or send it to someone in messenger. It will let me post links to porn and other content I feel is inappropriate. Just thought I'd mention it.
  12. E

    Facebook unsponsored

    Hi, Can I know where is "Facebook unsponsored" extension on app for Android v3.00?? On computer desktop, facebook web app, adguard delete every sponsor! https://ibb.co/DDSr4jb Thanks!
  13. Вадим Животовский

    [Решено] Не открываются все https

    Проблема очень давно, но только сейчас дошли руки. В Firefox все сайты с https или вообще невозможно открыть, или только после процедуры подтверждений. Во встроенном Xiaomi браузере и в Chrome вроде бы всё хорошо (но ими не пользуюсь). В Facebook, помимо рекламы, режет почти все полезные...
  14. R

    ADGuard DNS Standard Not Catching Trackers on Facebook and other websites

    9-23-18 AdGuard DNS Beta Standard I am running AdGuard Stealth and AdGuard Blocker extensions on Vivaldi with AdGuard DNS Beta Standard DNS. Up until today, ADG DNS had not allowed any trackers, which meant ADG Stealth and ADG Blocker were unable to catch any trackers on Facebook or other...
  15. R

    AdGuard DNS blocking Facebook Comments Bug?

    New here, testing the AdGuard DNS. I've been using AdGuard's web browser extension for quite a long time, and AdGuard's Stealth. Setup AdGuard DNS Beta on Windows 10 Home Network, Wifi and Mobile Hotspot. I noticed this evening, that at least on Chrome and Vivaldi browser, both AdGuard DNS...
  16. G

    No longer blocking Facebook suggested posts

    Starting today, my Facebook is riddled with these inline timeline posts that start with "Suggested post" and XYZ likes this... It's all ads. Adguard always did a great job removing them. It's no longer blocking any of them.
  17. A

    Facebook Messenger ads

    Will AdGuard Premium block the new ads in Facebook Messenger?
  18. A

    Facebook sidebar ads are not being blocked

    Facebook sidebar ads are not being blocked. I am using the latest English and Spyware filters on Chrome.
  19. К

    Не работает журнал и блокировка

    Здравствуйте. Не работает журнал отображающий заблокированные запросы. Открывается пустое белое окно. Так же находясь на сайте facebook, нажимая в выпадающем меню дополнения "Заблокировать рекламу на сайте", ничего не происходит. ОС Linux, Firefox v 58, Adguard Антибаннер 2.7.3
  20. esanchezis

    How can I make sure that business.facebook.com and all the domains that it calls are allowed?

    Facebook Business manager is the admin panel that I use to manage my employer's business page, review ads made by my coworkers, etc. Aside from it being ironic that I'm using Adguard and also manage a Facebook business page+ads, how can I make sure that I don't get the following error: When...