false positive

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    [*] cdn.discordapp.com blocked in DNS

    It looks like cdn.discordapp.com may be blocked in AdGuard DNS, which breaks the Discord app.
  2. D

    [*] Blocking all access to archive.is

    Hello, I wanted to report that the site... https://archive.is Is blocked when using AdGuard on Android using any browser, all English language filters enabled, custom dns disabled. Tested via WiFi and 4g (Verizon) It also appears to be blocked by cloudflares secure DNS which I know you don't...
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    False positive with enthuware.com - No malware

    Dear Adguard Support, Adguard is falsely reporting enthuware.com as hosting malware. Enthuware is a reputable site that provides genuine Java certification products and does not contain any malware. Request you to remove this site from your negative list. thank you, Paul.