false positives

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    [Resolved] putlockers.fm

    blocks the video together with ads on putlockers.fm
  2. M

    HTML/Phish (Virus detected Chrome on Windows)

    After much testing - clearing the chrome cache -- uninstalling and reinstalling chrome -- I finally figured this out: when logging into Outlook.com on chrome with Adguard enabled, the Windows Defender Security Center is triggered, telling me I have a SEVERE problem (I have attached a...
  3. D

    [Resolved] pinoybay.ch

    If i goto: pinoybay.ch or any video on the site i get the below error message, i have currently changed to OpenDNS and i dont have this issue, plus this issue is only on adguard, google DNS and my own ISP does not have this issue.
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    [resolved] Horseproperties.net false positive

    Hello, One of our customers has said that Adguard is blocking our website as 'unsafe' (www.horseproperties.net). There is no advertising on this site, it is not a 'phishing page' nor is it 'unsafe' in any way. I hope you will be able to help in either removing the incorrect information, or...