family protection

  1. Lorne Wolf MacKenzie

    Adguard Options Create Family Debate

    With our ad blocking service we get options for DNS (block's certain criteria coming in like a firewall), Proxy's (muddle the outgoing), VPN (directs everything through a tunnel) is how it was understood in our home. Until recently! Our ISP sent a letter of warning about streaming usage. There...
  2. O

    Adguard DNS Family protection is putting YouTube app in Restricted Mode

    Not sure why, but Adguard DNS Family protection is putting YouTube app in Restricted Mode. I have my router configured with Adguard DNS Family protection. Now when I am on 4G network, this is the restricted mode message on my YouTube app settings: You can see that I can turn on/off the...
  3. Logiciel Testeur

    Where do I report inappropriate websites [DNS Beta Family protection]

    Hi Adguard Community, I inputted the DNS Nameserver IP's into my LTE router and everything is working Ok as far as I can see, the forced "SafeSearch" is a fantastic feature. I would like to help by submitting some inappropriate websites so my question is where do you submit bad websites? Here...
  4. L

    DNS servers

    Hello New here. I purchased two-device android licence and I use one on my phone and one on my wife's. I would like to set family protected dns servers (I use those on my router and I would like to stick to those also on mobile networks) because sometimes kids grab the phone and I do not want...