1. Lorne Wolf MacKenzie

    Adguard Options Create Family Debate

    With our ad blocking service we get options for DNS (block's certain criteria coming in like a firewall), Proxy's (muddle the outgoing), VPN (directs everything through a tunnel) is how it was understood in our home. Until recently! Our ISP sent a letter of warning about streaming usage. There...
  2. Mayank Soni

    UnBlock Certain Features

    So people from Adguard and of course others who are reading, I have a suggestion that Adguard should have a feature that allows the user to unblock certain elements of the website that has its ads being blocked. By the way I have been using Adguard premium/month for about a year and a half now...
  3. Gass

    Do AdGuard Users Want Additional Privacy Protection Tools

    As we're all being a part of ADGUARD - it's been suggested (to me) in asking you to have your say as Adguard Users in what exactly of additional Privacy Protecting Tools do you see a need/want for of yourself, browsers and systems in the online protections which that ADGUARD should provide...
  4. Gass

    AdGuards Forums - Changing a Threads Title after it's made

    The forums edit feature only offers an edit of the texts body part of a threads post. Not the threads topic title, why? The one I'm wanting to change the title a little is- "Good Words of Adguard found on the WEB" As I read it now , it's like Adguard own words is meant or implied here, which...