filter subscription

  1. A

    Filter list not updating

    the adguard and fanboy filterlist have not updated since late may in my app despite them being updated yesterday. please help!
  2. D

    New fixed anti adblock killer

    There is a new fixed anti adblock filler with filter lists and source at.. Could we get this added to the adguard adblock subscription list for Android and Windows? I tested it with ublock on PC and it ublock origin and it worked like a dream.
  3. D

    Adguard Crashes on adding filters

    Hi whenever I open Adguard\Setting\Ad Blocker\Filters\Add filter, the programs Crashes and none of selected filters are added.:( the crash also cause the tray icon to disappear and no Adgaurd services are also active in task manager. I have to open Adguard again and unfortunately I can't add any...
  4. saurabhdua

    Help me impinge on Auto-playing Videos!

    Hello! Using the Latest version of AdGuard on my Yandex web browser - Help me impinge on the auto-playing Videos ! For e.g. - as I sign out of my AOL Mail A/c. , the resulting page start playing embedded Video all of a sudden, without my permission. Same is the case with couple...