filter subscription

  1. A

    Filter list not updating

    the adguard and fanboy filterlist have not updated since late may in my app despite them being updated yesterday. please help!
  2. d0x

    New fixed anti adblock killer

    There is a new fixed anti adblock filler with filter lists and source at.. Could we get this added to the adguard adblock subscription list for Android and Windows? I tested it with ublock on PC and it ublock origin and it worked like a dream.
  3. D

    Adguard Crashes on adding filters

    Hi whenever I open Adguard\Setting\Ad Blocker\Filters\Add filter, the programs Crashes and none of selected filters are added.:( the crash also cause the tray icon to disappear and no Adgaurd services are also active in task manager. I have to open Adguard again and unfortunately I can't add any...
  4. saurabhdua

    Help me impinge on Auto-playing Videos!

    Hello! Using the Latest version of AdGuard on my Yandex web browser - Help me impinge on the auto-playing Videos ! For e.g. - as I sign out of my AOL Mail A/c. , the resulting page start playing embedded Video all of a sudden, without my permission. Same is the case with couple...