1. A

    I hope ADGUARD add syntax check function.

    uBlock origin can support syntax check, though ADGUARD can highlight syntax, but it can't highlight error syntax. For me to write user filters, it is very inconvenient...... When is wrong syntax highlighted like his:
  2. H

    anyone know specific filter for NFT related?

    nowdays every single company scamming around to customers about Coin, metaverse.. now NFT. after recent twitter NFT things, some peoples wrote some browser extensions and plug-ins. it's not as 'Direct Threat' as Coin miner or Google AMP but still many...
  3. Y

    Custom DNS Filter

    Hi, I am new to the forum and not super tech savy. I am trying to use a user filter in DNS custom filter. I have this in user filters- ||*.mp4$media,redirect=noopmp4-1s, However I cannot add the entire thing in DNS filters. It gives an error...
  4. Q

    Not sure which filters to keep on

    Sup all, I recently installed Adguard for Windows and Android, and because I didn't know any better, I downloaded and installed more than 80 filters. I don't wanna erase to default because there is a lot of things I've changed in the settings, so I would like to ask what filters are the best...
  5. J

    [Bug] Adguard Tracking Filter in Android Prevents Posting for ``

    As mentioned in title, enabling Adguard tracking filter does not allow me to post threads on `` (Korean reddit-like site) Attached files are my settings, the log created when trying to write a post, and what I see on Android (it translates to: "Please try again sometime later")...
  6. A

    Beta Feedback- Ads starting to appear

    First post so hope I'm doing this correctly. I'm finding that Youtube ads since a couple of weeks ago are starting to slip through the net and appear at the start of a video and on occasions during the video as well. This never happened previously and worked flawlessly when I first installed...
  7. M

    Custom Client rules not working (Adguard home on raspi)

    Hi, I've set set up some filters for specific devices which are not working. Only generic filters are used/accepted. I'm mostly talking about, which can't be blocked network wide as google playstore stops working on android devices. The tested rules can be seen in...
  8. G

    DNS filtering on device

    Hi. I know that Adguard can block ad on device system-wide via this DNS filter: It works in all apps and extensions (iOS, Mac, Safari). As I understand Adguard basically matches the domain of any request with that list before...
  9. A

    [*] Facebook Audience Network

    Adgurd DNS does not block facebook Ads services on non-Facebook apps. It does not work on BDIX TESTER. I am using Adguard DNS on router.
  10. W

    Stremio desktop app ad filtering on Windows

    Can't seem to block this one add in Stremio windows app. I tried putting this app's executable to filtering list, that doesn't help and it seems inactive, shaded I've also attached log when I'm clicking the ad in app if it helps. Web version in Firefox is clean Sorry if I am...
  11. Y is blocking adblockers (and then adguard)

    hello there, more and more often, the website blocks visiters who have an adblocker like adguard. I've tried so many filters but none is working. Does someone has a clue how to kill those anti adblockers? Thx
  12. J

    [Question] Applying same rule over different domains

    Question: Is there a way to apply same rule over different domains? For instance, I have a filter rule as: || And let's say the website's domain changes its domain to '' (Number is changed) Do I have to make a new filter manually...
  13. Roccobot

    May need some help to create a complex rule

    Hello, I'm trying to write a rule to block the following iframe on a specific domain, let's say <iframe id="EU3rWhhcDTy" scrolling="no" style="position: fixed; display: block; z-index: 2147483647; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; outline: none; border: none; background-color...
  14. S

    Captive Portal Logins Blocked

    Not sure if this is an Android Q issue or an AdGuard issue, but I'm reporting that any Captive Portal Login I encountered was Blocked. It was consistently failing last week while visiting various airports, hotels, bars, and restaurants. I didn't capture screenshots for verbiage or keep logs...
  15. U


    Leftover ad space when clicked on articles. Steps to reproduce: Click on an article. The ad is blocked but an empty space remains. Browser: Chrome, Firefox Devices: Android and Windows Default Filters Working rule tested by me :
  16. N

    Create filter for Javascript HELP

    Example site for this purpose: Site Source contains the script: <script type="text/javascript"> var milisec = 0; var mCheck = 0; var seconds = 30; var seconds_total = seconds; function...
  17. Roccobot

    Twitter and Facebook embed

    I'm using some anti-social annoyances which I really enjoy, BUT I'd like to see embedded tweets and Instagram posts in pages. Example: this page has a Twitter widget and I see it like this. Any suggestion for a proper whitelist rule? Thanks
  18. A

    Show performance of each filter

    Right now in AG for Windows (6.4.1739.4753) this is the only statistical data we get to see: and while I can choose different filters to load, I really have no idea which ones are being effective and which are just slowing me down and adding little value (and I would remove if I knew this!)...
  19. C

    Whitelist local files.

    Hey guys, I'm doing some development at the minute and I constantly need to turn off my adguard in order to test my HTML files. Is there any way to whitelist local files? I tried whitelisting file:// but that didn't seem to work consistently.
  20. Z

    [QUESTION] Is there a way to block a website completely?

    Hi, so I've been facing this problem in the filtering logs, where an app like ShareIt just change the preceding part of the website Maybe I'm blind.. And I couldn't see the obvious.. Sorry if that's the case.. ):