1. GollyJer

    Firefox: Secure Connection Failed with rooted device.

    Hi. I recently moved to a Pixel 5 and used the opportunity to reinstall all my apps. The phone is successfully rooted; passing basicIntegrity and ctsProfile SafetyNet checks. I've got device level HTTPS filtering working great by installing the AdGuard certificate in to the CA Store and then...
  2. d0x

    Firefox Preview stopped working

    Firefox didn't work but I was told firefox preview would, and it did until a couple weeks least that's when I noticed. I get the this page isn't safe warning on everything. Is there any way to get any version of firefox working with adguard not counting having a rooted phone? Thanks!
  3. chief117

    User Agent kinda working, kinda not

    Hi, AdGuard is working only partly for me. User Agent is one of those problems. I use latest Mozilla Firefox and Google knows my real User Agent. On Edge Google is kinda puzzled tho. Check screenshots below.
  4. T

    Adguard interfering in every Google sessions

    Now there's no way to log in in any google account or use youtube etc in a functioning way while AdGuard is enabled. Logging into my google accounts gives the error "Something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong there. Try again." Using youtube after logging in without AdGuard and then...
  5. d0x

    Firefox won't work with adguard enabled.

    I'm trying to switch to Firefox but if adguard is enabled I can't use completely default and fresh install of Firefox (v68) I've attached a screenshot of the error. It basically is saying every websites security cert is invalid. Am I missing something in the adguard settings that's Firefox...
  6. U

    Странный заголовок в Firefox: "Этим браузером управляет ваша организация"

    После обновления Adguard до версии 7.4 в настройках Firefox появилась надпись "этим браузером упвляет ваша организация". Никогда такого не было раньше, и с версией 7.3 включительно. Нормально ли присутствие этого в настройках браузера или нет? Сразу скажу, что на расширение не переходил, т.к...
  7. S

    Adguard breaks duckduckgo search suggestions in Firefox

    Hello When Adguard is turned on it breaks duckduckgo search suggestions in the address bar in Firefox. I tested it on 2 devices running Android Pie. As soon as I turn Adguard off search suggestions work again. Is there a fix?
  8. druidd2, Firefox и AdGuard не открывается (виснет )в Firefox при включенном Adguard Windows (релиз и бета). При любых фильтрах. Расширение для FF отрабатывает без проблем. Видео (
  9. C

    Is it redundant to use add-ons on Firefox Android while using Adguard?

    I was wondering if using add-ons uBO, Decentraleyes and similar are redundant if I already have Adguard activated. What dou you think?
  10. Devaraj G

    AdGuard browser extension not supported in Firefox

    Since the recent update of Firefox, AdGuard browser extension has been disabled due the current standards of Firefox. AdGuard is one of my most favourite and must need thing in my online life. I can't imagine a day in online without AdGuard. So, please update the extension as per current...
  11. Вадим Животовский

    [Решено] Не открываются все https

    Проблема очень давно, но только сейчас дошли руки. В Firefox все сайты с https или вообще невозможно открыть, или только после процедуры подтверждений. Во встроенном Xiaomi браузере и в Chrome вроде бы всё хорошо (но ими не пользуюсь). В Facebook, помимо рекламы, режет почти все полезные...
  12. R

    Adguard Certificate in Firefox

    Hello dear Adguard Team, With the recent versions of Adguard for Windows, I don't see the Adguard Certificate no more when you go to Firefox > Options > Pricacy & Security > Certificates : you don't see Adguard in the list ! Strange thing is that it filters Firefox perfectly, so no problem...
  13. R

    Adguard Mac totally messes up Firefox Mac - HELP

    I have had to install Firefox 61.0.1 to run a publishing system. On my Mac Mini with no Adguard everything is fine On my MacBook with AG 1.5.8 it blocks every website saying "Your Connection is Not Insecure" and insisting that totally valid site certificates are invalid. I can't even log into...
  14. GuardAd

    [Windows 8.1 (x64-bit)]: "AdGuard Blocks The CRUCIAL Green Firefox (SSL) Label On Secure Sites"

    Filter HTTPS Protocol (Disabled) Filter HTTPS Protocol (Enabled) The above behavior was observed with AdGuard 6.3.1118.3511 Beta on Firefox 52.8.1 ESR — however, have noticed the same on some prior builds of (AdGuard + Firefox,) as well.
  15. C

    Installing AdGuard From GitHub to Support JS Rules?

    Hi, Currently, I use AdGuard Firefox extension on a Windows 7 PC (running Firefox 59.0.2), which was installed from AMO. I understand that this AMO version does not support JS rules from filter updates and that a version can be downloaded from GitHub here that supports these JS rules on...
  16. d0x

    Firefox issues?

    Is adguard incompatible with Firefox on android? Everytime I try to load a website with adguard enabled I get a https certificate warning. I never have that issue on chrome. I went through all the options in Firefox and made sure there were no data savings or ad blocking features turned on.
  17. A

    Произвольное переключение из/в режим интеграции

    Здравствуйте! У меня adguard для windows и расширение вроде должно работать в режиме интеграции. Обычно и работает, но периодически замечаю, что оно ни с того ни сего включается в обычный режим (судя по цвету иконки и содержимому меню). Закономерности этого явления не обнаружил.
  18. BobbyPhoenix

    Mining warning not showing in Firefox?

    See my post in this thread. I'm posting it hear also since my main concern is why is Firefox not showing the warning? In Chrome I get the below message warning, but nothing in Firefox. Same site visited at the same...
  19. D

    Firefox сертификат

    Кака подружить Firefox с приложением Adguard ? Проблема с сертификатом. описан способ установки сертификата на Windows. Где его взять на Mac OS?
  20. Akym

    Не фильтруются сайты с SSL EV сертификатами

    Не фильтруются сайты с SSL EV сертификатами в FireFox 54.0.1 (Windows 10 x86) и MS Edge. В IE - фильтруются. Точнее, в частности, на OLX: гугловская реклама режется, а OLX топ-объявления - нет. Используемые пользовательские фильтры: Скриншоты и...