1. G

    Wanting Adblock with working rewards program in StepSetGo App

    StepSetGo (SSG) Step Earn Redeem App :Play Store Link Previously Adguard Adblock was working fine with HTTPS filter feature for blocking ads , to earn coins by watching ads in StepSetGo Rewards Program. But now After a new StepSetGo App Update, Adguard blocks ads in StepSetGo app but not...
  2. angus Не работает.

    Не блокирует, вообще не работает, не отражается иконка adgard, во вкладке где открыт yandex. Написал в поддержку, ответ как всегда, скриншоты отправьте и т.п. Как такое возможно, что бы вообще иконка помощника не отображалась? Все стоит последнее.
  3. R

    Very Slow download while running

    I usually download at about 3+mbps with this on it won't go much higher than one? Anyway to fix this? As love this ad blocker thanks.
  4. W

    Google Pirate v3 Extended Fix

    If someone got problems with this script just try this one in the attachments. That script isnt mine and is orginal from: i just changed line 42 from: newradio('Web', ''); in newradio('Web', ' '); And for me works that little change when...