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    Google Voice/Gmail and AdGuard Pro on iPhone/iPad

    Hi. I have AdGuard Pro. For some reason, from time to time the app blocks Gmail emails from arriving to my phone (I've tried Mail and Airmail apps with the same result) or blocks calls and texts from Google Voice. If I turn off AdGuard, emails and text messages resume arriving. Does anyone know...
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    Android N, Gmail not working when AdGuard is enabled

    Hello, I have been using Adguard premium for about six months now and have been very satisfied with the application's performance. Recently I upgraded to Android N Beta. Everything works fine except the Gmail app which completely fails to download any attachments. As soon as I click on the...
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    [*] Unblock Rapportive Extension for Gmail

    Hi Guys, I'm having problems trying to unblock the Rapportive Chrome Extension for Gmail. I've tried whitelisting both Gmail and Rapportive and it's still being blocked. Any advice?