1. N

    Google Voice/Gmail and AdGuard Pro on iPhone/iPad

    Hi. I have AdGuard Pro. For some reason, from time to time the app blocks Gmail emails from arriving to my phone (I've tried Mail and Airmail apps with the same result) or blocks calls and texts from Google Voice. If I turn off AdGuard, emails and text messages resume arriving. Does anyone know...
  2. LazyAspect

    Поисковая реклама Google

    Здравствуйте. Конфигурация: iOS 12.3.1|AdGuard 3.0|AdGuard DNS-over-TLS Базовый фильтр + Фильтр счетчиков и аналитики + Фильтр виджетов социальных сетей + Фильтр раздражителей + Русский фильтр + Упрощенный фильтр доменов + Adblock Warning Removal List + Facebook annoyances blocker Фильтр...
  3. freshhh

    Google traduction app ANDROID

    We can't download offline languages pack. It might be related with
  4. K

    Adguard Assistant отображется не на всех страницах

    Не могу понять логику Adguard Assisant. На некоторых страницах он есть (значок в углу), на некоторых нет. Самая большая проблема - это, основной рассадник рекламы и почему-то на странице поиска не появляется значок ассистента. Это и в хроме, это и в эдже (основной браузер). От чего...
  5. T

    Ads reappearing on

    Hi team/member, Recently I have started getting ads on searches. I haven't opt for "Allow search ads and the self-promotion of websites". Even then the google ads seem to circumvent adguard filters. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference. Kindly help.
  6. O

    AdGuard don let to load

    Hello, I have AdGuard Desktop for mac version 1.5.8 (455) and Mac OSX 10.13.6 The issue is related to the web site were AdGuard mess with it. The site loads at the first page when the QR code is shown, but when I capture that code with my Smartphone, nothing...
  7. K

    Пропускается реклама на странице поиска гугла

    На странице поиска гугла пропускается реклама, прям подписаны ссылки "реклама", значка ассистента почему-то нет, на других страницах есть. Ещё стоит расширение Adguard adblocker, пытаюсь им блокировать фильтром, она блокируется, по F5 страница выглядит хорошо, но стоит...
  8. A

    ADGUARD is not blocking Taboola, and carom in Chrome 65

    Hello everyone from the forum, all right?; I'm new around here. I'd like to take a question. I'm in the test version of the latest, and the same is not blocking advertisements of Taboola, and the carom, in the browser Chrome 65. I've cleaned up history, data, cache; uninstalled, and...
  9. haakon

    Google's Surveilance Capitalism

    Yes, I know this would bork up stuff somewhat; it would serve a temporary measure. Would disabling the four "Allow usage of..." settings for cellular and Wi-Fi data in LocationServices Firewall defeat the collection of data (and therefor nothing during the temporary measure to upload to teh...
  10. Y

    Блокировка всплывающей рекламы от Google

    Плей Стори и Плей Маркет навязчиво лезут со своей рекламой в смартфон (Андроид 7). Всплывают периодически в любой момент (разблокировал смартфон, в приложениях - даже когда находишься в данном приложении). Это первое приложение установленное из стороннего источника. Антивирусы не находят ничего...
  11. Bushido

    [Windows 10 64-bit] Redirecting doesn't function

    When I tried to connect my account with social network (Google), then Google's redirecting page stopped. It did not reload or redirected and so the connecting did not worked. After disabling Adguard service, the redirecting worked.
  12. D

    Blocking Parts Of Google Search Results

    I'm trying without success to block movie showtimes, top stories and Twitter posts in my search results. I have tried using the "Block Ads On This Website", but it ends up blocking content only on that page or also blocking other content. Would someone please help!
  13. P

    No Image miniature in Google Image

    Hey, I use Adguard in Firefox and Chrome, and I have a little problem with Firefox. When you are in google image, and when you clique the image, or choice to open it in a new tab, normally you have this image open in the front, and you can close it to access the page. On Firefox, I have no...
  14. M

    Google's unusual traffic

    While Adguard is on google search continuously spam their capcha page If I disable Adguad there is no such problem. Also after some time google search with Adguard google just blocks and not even showing any capcha page. Is there any solution to this problem? P.s. If I use any...
  15. W

    Google Pirate v3 Extended Fix

    If someone got problems with this script just try this one in the attachments. That script isnt mine and is orginal from: i just changed line 42 from: newradio('Web', ''); in newradio('Web', ' '); And for me works that little change when...