1. Y

    Блокировка всплывающей рекламы от Google

    Плей Стори и Плей Маркет навязчиво лезут со своей рекламой в смартфон (Андроид 7). Всплывают периодически в любой момент (разблокировал смартфон, в приложениях - даже когда находишься в данном приложении). Это первое приложение установленное из стороннего источника. Антивирусы не находят ничего...
  2. Bushido

    [Windows 10 64-bit] Redirecting doesn't function

    When I tried to connect my account with social network (Google), then Google's redirecting page stopped. It did not reload or redirected and so the connecting did not worked. After disabling Adguard service, the redirecting worked.
  3. D

    Blocking Parts Of Google Search Results

    I'm trying without success to block movie showtimes, top stories and Twitter posts in my search results. I have tried using the "Block Ads On This Website", but it ends up blocking content only on that page or also blocking other content. Would someone please help!
  4. P

    No Image miniature in Google Image

    Hey, I use Adguard in Firefox and Chrome, and I have a little problem with Firefox. When you are in google image, and when you clique the image, or choice to open it in a new tab, normally you have this image open in the front, and you can close it to access the page. On Firefox, I have no...
  5. M

    Google's unusual traffic

    While Adguard is on google search continuously spam their capcha page If I disable Adguad there is no such problem. Also after some time google search with Adguard google just blocks and not even showing any capcha page. Is there any solution to this problem? P.s. If I use any...
  6. W

    Google Pirate v3 Extended Fix

    If someone got problems with this script just try this one in the attachments. That script isnt mine and is orginal from: i just changed line 42 from: newradio('Web', ''); in newradio('Web', ' '); And for me works that little change when...