1. L

    App changes some webpage's styles and "custom" IP doesn't work.

    Hello o/ I installed adguard today and it works great except for these issues: 1. It changes some webpage's styles. Reddit is one example. As you can see in the first image I attached, it doesn't have its style, but when disabling adguard it will return to normal (2nd image) 2. The "custom"...
  2. D

    Someone make rule for this On this site the ads blocking is working fine but when you click Start Full Test the page loads an alert comes and the page redirects to homepage. please someone make custom rule for it. i think it is...
  3. d0x

    Never stay logged into sites

    I'm having an issue with 1st party cookies (I assume). Every time i visit a site in any browser I usually have to login again even if I check keep me logged in. A couple hours later I'll go to the site and need to login yet again. I can't figure out why, I've checked my Adguard settings and...
  4. Y

    Custom DNS Filter

    Hi, I am new to the forum and not super tech savy. I am trying to use a user filter in DNS custom filter. I have this in user filters- ||*.mp4$media,redirect=noopmp4-1s, However I cannot add the entire thing in DNS filters. It gives an error...
  5. d0x

    Creepy google blocking?

    Ok so recently my wife and I have noticed we are getting articles suggested to us in our Google now/assistant feed that are based off conversations we had. So we talk about something and maybe a week later we start getting articles. There are no searches or anything it's just a conversation...
  6. M

    Slow internet speeds when AdGuard is on

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal for most users or not, but when AdGuard is active, my internet speeds slow down by over 10 Mbps. I usually get around 23 - 30 Mbps when AdGuard is disabled, when it's on, it drops to between 12 - 17 Mbps. For me that's a big difference, and causes big...
  7. E

    Ask for permission in security & privacy but never shoes up

    Performiks OOO ask for permission in security & privacy but never shoes up
  8. K

    IT's doesn't working in mobile data.

    Hi. I used AdGuard for Android. When I used this app in Wifi, It's working. But, I used the mobile data(LG U+,Republic of Korea), It's doesn't work. Why doesn't working in mobile data? I usually used mobile data. So I want to know how can I fix this problem. thanks. p.s. When I used this app...
  9. d0x

    "Too many filters" Perhaps a wizard or suggestions?

    So the filter page has a lot of options and if you select too many it tell you that it may slow down browsing but it doesn't tell you how many is too many or what combination is causing the message. I think im getting the message because i've selected the normal stuff for English sites but ive...
  10. pdl1985

    is adguard a secure app ?

    is adguard a secure app ? i test adblock plus but leave it cos they are selling data. are you happy with adguard? tell me more about this extension i want be sure that is reliable. thanks.
  11. A

    Can I use the DNS filtering option with Local HTTP proxy?

    My phone is rooted and I've been told the local http proxy method is the way to go. I was told on a reddit forum that Adguard supports DNS filtering in local http proxy mode. Is this true?
  12. d0x

    So why should I buy this?

    Can you convince me it's worth it? I'm running Win10. I bought 3 license's for Android but why should I buy it for PC? I currently use ublock origin in chrome & edge to block ads. I know this also blocks ads in apps but I never see ads in apps on PC. I also assume using this for chrome is...
  13. N

    DNS settings permanently changed [now Internet not working]

    Got a serious problem using this app [adguard 2.9 rc] Installed this app yesterday after using it for 20 minutes or more My internet is completely gone as may be the app have set the DNS server to local one permanently or something else I don't know exactly but whenever trying to access...
  14. yigido

    How to remove Adware and Malware - SELF HELP

    Hi Adguard Forum friends and visitors, I am yigido and I have enough knowledge for cleaning an infected PC. People around me called me "Geekbuddy" Before, I was not using Adguard or any adblocker on my browser and I saw many fake downloads and ads. Those ads are serving malicious installers and...