1. B

    Help with Host file.

    Hi. I'm a bit confused on how and using a Host file with AG and AG Pro. First of all which syntax to use: || OR Which extension: .txt OR Host one Where to add such file: AG: Settings - Filters - Custom? AG Pro: Privacy Settings - Subscription? Thanks...
  2. sjhgvr

    Adguard not working with large hosts files

    When I go to; - Privacy settings > Add subscription And add a large hosts file. Lets say my own; It loads.. shows the amount of rules (1349860) But then.. when I go back to slide the Status-slider to ON.. Wifi disconnects, data connection (4G LTE) connects and the VPN logo...
  3. patrickdrd

    1) nightly builds tracker and 2)hosts file importing

    how can I track nightly builds? is there any url to track when a new one is out and changelog? also is there any (other) way to add a hosts file (with entries such as "" besides replacing with "||^"?)