1. H

    best method with root on Pixel - having issues need your expertise

    So, I've already moved the HTTPS cert to the root directory via magisk module so it's not considered a personal https cert any longer. I kept getting ~55+ notifications a day from adaway saying x, y , z apps didnt' support the certificate, so I turned off notifications for "Other" from adaway...
  2. din49023

    Add "HTTPS Everywhere" or "HTTPS-only" for Mac Safari

    I want a more secure network environment and hope that all unencrypted requests will be blocked, like "Encrypt All Sites Eligible mode" of HTTPS Everywhere. If you have technical difficulties, the trade-off is to provide mandatory forwarding for specific websites, like 1Blocker.
  3. C

    Is it redundant to use add-ons on Firefox Android while using Adguard?

    I was wondering if using add-ons uBO, Decentraleyes and similar are redundant if I already have Adguard activated. What dou you think?
  4. ammnt

    Этот домен лучше добавить в список исключений https-фильтрации, так как он отвечает за кэширование Cloudflare и там лучше не встраиваться, так как редирект может не отработать. Пруфлинк: Проблемы могут возникнуть на таких сайтах как и
  5. A

    HTTPS в приложении Zona

    В приложении Zona блокируются любые обращения по https к любому сайту Например при использовании быстрых подсказок в поиске идёт обращение к в логах PKIX path building failed...
  6. twistedvincent

    Shield TV

    I have the latest Nvidia Shield TV 8.0.0 and am trying to set up my Adguard premium https filtering and every time I try to enable the certificate it says "certificate not installed". I bought the lifetime premium because I read that Adguard premium https filtering is my best bet to block the...
  7. L

    Adguard can't filter Opera HTTPS traffic

    Hello, I used Adguard (latest nightly 3.0, but I think it doesn't matter) and Opera stable on Android. I discovered, that traffic from HTTPS websites is not filtered, for example adguard doesn't remove social widgets, and this works fine on Chrome. I tried to change apps management > Opera >...
  8. Вадим Животовский

    [Решено] Не открываются все https

    Проблема очень давно, но только сейчас дошли руки. В Firefox все сайты с https или вообще невозможно открыть, или только после процедуры подтверждений. Во встроенном Xiaomi браузере и в Chrome вроде бы всё хорошо (но ими не пользуюсь). В Facebook, помимо рекламы, режет почти все полезные...
  9. H

    Adguard HTTPS filtering interfere with market of Bless online

    Adguard HTTPS protocol filtering results in White screen on market and some other windows you can add site in question to exclusion Edit: not certain what cause problems adguard or its unrelated need confirmation
  10. U

    Threat to WiFi WPA2 Now Everyday Reality. Neither Android nor iOS have solutions

    From a security update. Personal Note: Riseup is an email provider I use, along with RiseupBlack on my Linux desktop. Use Linux (Debian or Arch) and free yourself from “Defective by Design” operating systems. Wi-Fi Advisory =================================================== There...
  11. Burkhard

    Adguard causes FireFox (55.0.3 64-bit) error: sec_error_unknown_issuer

    Since I updated my 64bit FireFox to the current version 55.0.3 it is blocking almost any site I try to visit using secure HTTPS. In addition, I'm running AVAST Internet Security. I disabled AVAST' s HTTPS-Scanning (an option of AVAST' s Web-Protection component) but without success. The FoxFire...
  12. T

    Pale Moon incompatibility w/HTTPS filter

    When I run Pale Moon 27.4-64 bit, the page loads with a "Connection is Untrusted" warning. When I load the same page in Chrome, the page loads normally. This also occurs with many other pages loaded in Pale Moon, for example, FWIW, I have...
  13. D

    AdGuard prevents connection in Archery King

    So I've been working on trying to get ad blocking working for Archery King by ( but even after looking at the logging and unblocking all requests that are getting blocked from the app, I still can't connect to the...
  14. Kadagazov

    Перестал открываться geektimes (https)

    День добрый! Раньше всё работало, а потом почему-то перестал открываться сайт гиктаймса с работающей защитой. При отключении фильтрации всё ок, но с рекламой, разумеется. Другие сайты по https работают нормально, даже родственный хабр (и, например, этот форум). Сертификат стоит как системный...
  15. G

    Using MITM to intercept HTTPS Requests

    I found that some ads are still creeping in somehow. Some ads like in-url ads using HTTPS (I mean,, where is a useful site with but is an ad url). I have encountered this...
  16. Gass

    Ditch the HTTPS Scanning feature of your Antivirus

    Sat. 11 March 2017 Users might be vulnerable while accessing secure HTTPS websites, and their antivirus is to blame. A thorough research (, conducted by experts at Mozilla Firefox, Google, Cloudflare and three American Universities, shows that...
  17. G

    [iOS] Why doesn't AdGuard able to filter HTTPS requests?

    I would like to know, why doesn't Adguard be able to filter HTTPS requests in iOS (because it says it is not blocking Youtube ads - Adguard Pro for iOS) Advertisers might also move to HTTPS, making it impossible to block in-url HTTPS ads in iOS. What is the fate of iPhone users? I wounder, if...
  18. Superluminar

    As Of Today, YouTube Ads No Longer Blocked.

    Up until yesterday, you could block YouTube Ads by enabling HTTPS filtering and using any YouTube APK ver. from 11.13.56 and downwards. I don't know what happened, but since today, 01:00 a.m. Adguard no longer blocks ads in any YouTube app version. I started with 11.07.59 and worked my way up to...
  19. S

    AdGuard problem

    I do not know, or just me, but when I turned on HTTPS filtering websites, after a few minutes after turning Cyberfox x64 browser crashes. After disabling HTTPS filtering is not present this problem. Secondly, there is a problem with uninstalling the current beta (I wanted to go back to the...
  20. A

    HTTPS fails in Edge with AdGuard after Win 10 Anniversary Update

    After installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update, all HTTPS requests from Microsoft Edge are failing (as if there's no Internet connection). HTTPS is regularly working from other browsers (including Internet Explorer 11). When AdGuard is turned off, Edge starts working correctly. AdGuard...