1. P

    Vpn icon in android 9

    Vpn icon in notification area is sometimes showing and sometimes not in my Poco F1. Just an observation. Maybe it's normal. Although, functionwise it's working fine I think
  2. R

    UI improvement AdGuard Content Blocker 2.3.7

    Hello dear AdGuard team, The main page of the content blocker app still contains the old icon of Samsung Internet Browser, see screen shot. The new Samsung browser has a new icon for almost a year now. Maybe better change this, to create a look that is up-to-date :) Thanks, Rik
  3. D

    Can the on-screen icon be moved to the bottom-left side?

    I love the convenience of the on-screen icon, however, when I used certain websites, especially, Google Maps, the street level "orange man" is covered by the AdGuard icon. I would love to see the ability to change the icon to any of the 4-corners of the screen in Preferences. Thanks!
  4. J

    Does VPN icon show when using AdGuard Pro DNS

    I don't like the VPN icon showing when using fake VPN profiles Can someone confirm if using Adguard PRO DNS service, does the VPN icon show up on the status icon all the time? Also does it show up on the "VPN Configurations" section on the top half of VPN settings screen or on the "Personal...
  5. T

    Option to remove the VPN-icon in the iPhone-status-bar while AdGuard Pro is active

    I really love the opportunity to start a real VPN-connection while the virtual local VPN-connection of Adguard Pro is still running. I also love that the virtual local VPN-connection of Adguard Pro is still active after a restart of the iPhone. But since the virtual VPN-connection is always...
  6. Bushido

    Assistant icon missing at paypal.com

    There is no Assistant icon at https://www.paypal.com/.
  7. F

    Remove o Hide Icon Key on status bar

    Hi, How I can hide the key icon on status bar? In a post I read that you cant because it is controlled by Android, but surely there's a way. It is very annoying key icon. I want to buy this app, but I'm not sure with this icon. Thanks and congratulations for this amazing app. Note: I have...
  8. J

    Permanent notification WITHOUT key-icon in status bar - it is possible

    Hi, just have purchased my license, thanks. (Android 4.x/5.x) There is just one annoying thing: The key-icon in status bar. Many apps have the same problem, when permanent notification is needed. Usually they set the icon invisible (or have A user option to do it). Advantage: - It is not...