1. S

    Facebook lite and Instagram lite will not start with Adguard enabled

    I'm using the latest version of Adguard and wanted to switch from Facebook and Instagram to their lite alternatives, however neither of these apps start with Adguard enabled, they hang at the startup screen until they timeout with a message that internet is not available. When I disable Adguard...
  2. S

    Blocking the whole damn Social Media?

    Running adguard home.. its great and can't thank enough the community running and contributing in it. I am setting up own lists to block social media websites. It works great across the web no issues there; however; The phone apps continue to work, particularly Facebook and Instagram...
  3. K


    Hey, There may be no way to block Instagram's ads yet, but I would like to see the UWP client's requests in the logs anyway. So, I tried adding it to the filtered apps list, but despite it is on the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder list, I can't find it on AdGuard's programs list. d-----...
  4. Roccobot

    Twitter and Facebook embed

    I'm using some anti-social annoyances which I really enjoy, BUT I'd like to see embedded tweets and Instagram posts in pages. Example: this page has a Twitter widget and I see it like this. Any suggestion for a proper whitelist rule? Thanks
  5. dreamcast


    Начал писать отчёт по ссылке из шапки, но там столько не относящихся к теме вопросов. Проще тут написать. Суть проста: При включённом Антибаннере не открывается сайт И фильтры тут совсем ни при чём.
  6. C

    Block Instagram Ads?

    Hi,can anyone tell me if Adguard Pro is able to block ads on Instagram?I can't get it to do so.Is there a setting that I need to change? Thanks