1. K

    AdGuard DSN not working on iOS 15 on native mode

    I have AdGuard Premium running on iOS 15. I have DNS set to native mode, but when I go to the test site, it says that AdGuard DNS is not running. It does seem to work if I use AdGuard mode (not native), but then I can't use ProtonVPN at the same time using...
  2. J

    Which local VPN to use? AG + AGVPN

    I use Adguard & recently bought Adguard VPN. However, I have a question regarding the local VPN profile on iOS. When I got AGVPN, It created a second local VPN as shown in the image. So now I have: Local VPN: -AdGuard -AdGuard VPN Personal VPN -AdGuard VPN IPSec I have this configuration on...
  3. A

    Battery usage?

    I use a DNS server for ad removal and AdGuard for cookie warnings and cosmetic filtering. I was wondering if Safari uses more battery power when browsing with the AdGuard filters activated.
  4. A

    AdGuard для iOS 4.2.0 и 4.2.0 Pro

    Эта версия направлена на улучшение фильтрации в Safari. Параллельно с этим мы решили проблему с рекламой на YouTube, с которой столкнулись пользователи AdGuard. Мы разработали два способа её блокировки: быструю команду, инструкцию к которой можно найти в нашем блоге, и специальное расширение...
  5. A

    AdGuard for iOS 4.2.0 and 4.2.0 Pro

    In this version we focused on improving filtering in Safari. In parallel, we solved the problem with YouTube ads that AdGuard users had been encountering. We’ve developed two ways to block them: a shortcut, the instructions for which can be found on our blog, and a Safari extension...
  6. Б

    [Решено] Слежка

    Здравствуйте !! Блокирует ли Adguard подобные слежки от приложений?
  7. A

    AdGuard для iOS 4.1.1 и 4.1.1 Pro

    Это минорный релиз, который содержит исправления ошибок, улучшения интерфейса и другие изменения. * [Улучшено] Статистика отображается в виде целых чисел * [Исправлено] Списки DNS-фильтров обновляются без перезагрузки DNS, что приводит к проблемам фильтрации #1732 * [Исправлено] Сбой приложения...
  8. A

    AdGuard for iOS 4.1.1 and 4.1.1 Pro

    This is a minor release that contains bug fixes, UI improvements, and more. * [Fixed] DNS filter lists are updated without reloading DNS filtering which causes random filtering issues #1732 * [Fixed] The app crashed when removing a DNS blocklist #1731 * [Fixed] When changing from AdGuard...
  9. T

    Block YouTube ads in Safari IOS

    I am using Adguard and it blocks all the ads on the YouTube website in safari. However, it always says the ad will be skipped in 5 seconds. Is there an option to block the ads instantly so that they are skipped straight away? This way I do not get advertisements but still, my music always pauses...
  10. C

    Adguard VPN gripes

    Hey there, I’m running both adGuard and adguard VPN on IOS. I love adguard on every platform I’m used it on. I’m TRYING to like AdGuard VPN. It’s just not on the same level of polish and robustness as it’s sister products. I know, I know, it’s just been realest so ill be reasonable. My first...
  11. TheHadouJHyrule

    Issues with Free Version of AdGuard VPN

    I’ve been using AdGuard VPN on my M1 Mac and iPhone without a license, and at a certain point, the VPN stops working properly altogether. I tried to sync with iMessage in iCloud, run some apps that use the internet, even try to open a webpage, but none of them work. I eventually shut down the...
  12. Shonky

    DNS protection and reconnecting VPN behavior in iOS

    With DNS protection enabled a VPN is created to make it actually work. That I understand. It is kind of annoying tho that every time I pick up my iPhone, Wi-Fi and the VPN reconnect. Anything we can do about this? Or is this typical iOS behavior?
  13. vadim_mafik

    [Решено] Переход на iOS

    Доброго времени суток! Появилось желание перейти с Android на iOS, но пугает перспектива столкнуться с рекламой. Посему у меня несколько вопросов: 1) У меня уже есть вечная лицензия на несколько устройств, в том числе, для мобильных устройств. Мне нужно будет что-то докупать, при переходе...
  14. T

    No Images iOS Mail App

    Hi all, I noticed I’m having issues with my mail app on my iPhone (iOS Mail). Images from some emails are not loading/appearing but when I turn off AdGuard, the images load instantly but as soon as I turn it back on, the images disappear again. It has become a nuisance since those email have...
  15. K


    Заметил одну неприятную особенность, на сайте "Сайт" через Safari на IOS не блокирует 90% баннеров, проблему заметил только на IOS, Windows & Mac OS работает все идеально.. В чем может быть проблема? P.S. AdGuard (с премиум подпиской на год) Включен Cloudflare DNS и все фильтры + 7/61 языковых
  16. Bastet

    AG Pro iOS 13.5.1 cellular error.

    Hi. Does AG premium no longer work on a cellular connection? On Thursday I noticed that ads weren’t being blocked while on a 4G connection, I checked AG & all looked fine but then received this error: I’ve never noticed this previously. Is this a bug? Thanks, Virginia.
  17. M

    White list with an asterisk does not work

    Hello :) When I put: * -> doesn't work -> works Is it possible to make the asterisks for the whitelist work on the iOS application? Regards
  18. N

    iOS Allow ads on specific app

    Hello, I’ve read some topics about allowing ads on a specific app but they were all outdated or for Android devices. I want to whitelist my Archero app where I am manually loading ads. I identified some domain names with the DNS Logs and I whitelisted these domains but I still can’t load ads...
  19. Woitler

    Lovina на Блокировать или оставить?

    На днях, в социальной сети ВКонтакте был запущен интегрированный сервис знакомств Lovina. Реализация вызвала неоднозначные отзывы у пользователей социальной сети. Многих волнует вопрос, как скрыть данный элемент со своей страницы, на данный момент - никак, опция не реализована. С одной стороны...
  20. N

    Google Voice/Gmail and AdGuard Pro on iPhone/iPad

    Hi. I have AdGuard Pro. For some reason, from time to time the app blocks Gmail emails from arriving to my phone (I've tried Mail and Airmail apps with the same result) or blocks calls and texts from Google Voice. If I turn off AdGuard, emails and text messages resume arriving. Does anyone know...