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    AdGuard Docker - Unknown IP adress

    Hi all, Yesterday I managed to get AdGuard running via Docker. It worked like a charm. When I the next morning checked upon the stats I found an IP which is unknown to me. It only made requests for like an hour or so. Not sure how to put this, but it seems the IP of the device is on a similar...
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    Windows VM

    I have AdGuard Home set up on a VM so the IP address is not on my local network. How can I point my devices to my AdBlock DNS server if the IP address is not local and I don't know the public IP address? Do I point it to the IP of the server the VM is running on? It is running on Hyper-v and...
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    App changes some webpage's styles and "custom" IP doesn't work.

    Hello o/ I installed adguard today and it works great except for these issues: 1. It changes some webpage's styles. Reddit is one example. As you can see in the first image I attached, it doesn't have its style, but when disabling adguard it will return to normal (2nd image) 2. The "custom"...