1. S

    AdGuard VPN

    У меня было установлено ваше vpn бесплатно, я решила воспользоваться годовым предложением со скидкой и приобрести через сообщение на почте подписку на год. После этого приложение при входе стало выдавать « нет связи» нинзя летает в темном космосе с закрытыми глазами. Я его удалила...
  2. A

    Battery usage?

    I use a DNS server for ad removal and AdGuard for cookie warnings and cosmetic filtering. I was wondering if Safari uses more battery power when browsing with the AdGuard filters activated.
  3. N

    Need help to watch embedded tweets on ios

    Hi. I’ve been struggling to get embedded tweets to be seen on sites in my ipad, for example, in this page: https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/2/5/22268648/lebron-james-all-star-game-lakers. I’ve been reading online for potential solutions and the most common one I saw was to turn off Fanboy’s...
  4. I

    Not all ads are blocked

    I bought an iPhone for the first time, and I do not know whether it is possible to block ads in Google Chrome and whether it is possible to block all ads in Safari (only some ads are blocked). I have premium licence.
  5. M

    Can I filter system wide? iOS iPhone

    Hi all, I’ve just bought this awesome app and I like it so far. The only thing I’m still missing is the option to filter within other apps and system wide. Is this possible? I haven’t found the option within the pro app.
  6. N

    Google Voice/Gmail and AdGuard Pro on iPhone/iPad

    Hi. I have AdGuard Pro. For some reason, from time to time the app blocks Gmail emails from arriving to my phone (I've tried Mail and Airmail apps with the same result) or blocks calls and texts from Google Voice. If I turn off AdGuard, emails and text messages resume arriving. Does anyone know...
  7. S

    [*] acilekrandegisimi.com

    website: https://www.acilekrandegisimi.com/ scrshot: https://vgy.me/g0hZsE.jpg (social share and cookie notice) + https://vgy.me/1BC6Cs.jpg (analytics)
  8. nospame

    TouchPal keyboard

    Is there a filter to block transfers so we could use keyboards like TouchPal (I'm on iOS)? The keyboard is way ahead of competition but they prefer to mine data instead of charging for the app. I use AdGuard DNS and AdGuard for Mobile Safari. I wrote two words and the app used 5kb (measured...
  9. T

    Option to remove the VPN-icon in the iPhone-status-bar while AdGuard Pro is active

    I really love the opportunity to start a real VPN-connection while the virtual local VPN-connection of Adguard Pro is still running. I also love that the virtual local VPN-connection of Adguard Pro is still active after a restart of the iPhone. But since the virtual VPN-connection is always...