1. C

    AD Guard DNS & IPv6

    Hello I don't know where to post this request as Adguard DNS does not have his own channel I have IPV6 now activated on my network and need to configure my router to include IPV6 DNS requests My dashboard only propose IPV4 settings How can I do ?
  2. U

    Https filtering not working on IPv6 for some sites

    Issue: On some sites, filtering fails to work when mobile data is set to use IPv6 (or IPv4/IPv6 and the ISP uses the latter). The cert issuer remains original and ads aren't blocked. Again, I can't reproduce this on all sites, for example Google and Wikipedia is filtered. Https filtering is...
  3. D

    AdGuard и IPv6

    У оператора МТС активировал услугу "Доступ по IPv6". В настройках смартфона изменил протокол APN на IPv4/IPv6. Нужно ли дополнительно изменять настройки Adguard для фильтрации рекламы?
  4. FlyingHorse

    [Android 5.0.2] IPv6 causes ad leakage.

    My network recently enabled IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack access. When IPv6 is enabled AG does not seem to work. Many ads get through with Firefox and Chrome browsers and various apps that have normally been blocked. If I disable IPv6 altogether then adblocking works well. This goes for latest stable...
  5. X

    IPv6 questions

    I am busy trying out AdGuard 2.7 on my Galaxy s7. I have enabled HTTPS filtering (and installed the certificate). I am battling to get the filtering to work with IPv6 on my phone. Is IPv6 fully supported for filtering of ads? I've had a look at the "low level settings" and the only way I can...