1. G

    Wanting Adblock with working rewards program in StepSetGo App

    StepSetGo (SSG) Step Earn Redeem App :Play Store Link Previously Adguard Adblock was working fine with HTTPS filter feature for blocking ads , to earn coins by watching ads in StepSetGo Rewards Program. But now After a new StepSetGo App Update, Adguard blocks ads in StepSetGo app but not...
  2. T

    AirVPN is not working with Adguard on Windows

    So Eddie (VPN client from AirVPN) is not working with Adguard anymore. Earlier I did not have this issue. I try to turn off different programs, like a firewall, but Eddie started working olny after I turn off Adguard. I'm also using Adguard DNS, but it's fine, when AdGuard is turn off. Do you...
  3. freshhh

    AdGuard for Android (all versions) is freezing/crashing when you try to edit firewall rules

    AdGuard for Android (all versions) is freezing/crashing when you try to edit firewall rules if you've an "important" amount of apps installed… how to reproduce? 100% reproduction rate with all builds install more than 250 apps then try to edit firewall rules (wi-fi / data) AdGuard won't...
  4. K

    Firefox 64.0.2: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER

    Hi all, I am having the "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" error on every website in Firefox only. I tried everything I could to resolve this: - Removed the personal certificate from firefox, because it was already there and manually installed it again - Reinstall firefox, installed the personal...
  5. T

    AdGuard for android block Sygic and make github cannot access

    Hi adguard team, Today I recognize that when i enable Aguard for mobile, Sygic stuck at screen detecting country to download map. (You can try remove and fresh install Sygic map). I am on East Asia for specific. And I see this issue on github but one member of adguard team cannot re-procedure...
  6. I

    AdGuard 5.10 не устанавливается Win 8.1 x64

    При попытке установить от имени «Администратора» возникает данная ошибка: Качаю здесь: Реестр чистил от следов adguard: Windows Install Clean Up Revo Uninstaller Freeware Ручной поиск и...