1. d1m

    [Решено] Запретить .js

    всем привет кого не знаю ;) помогите плиз, не могу понять как фильтр настроить нужно создать правило, чтоб на странице сайта запретить загрузку определённого .js скрипта? на странице код выглядит так <link href=/js/primer.js rel=prefetch>
  2. J

    [Question] Applying same rule over different domains

    Question: Is there a way to apply same rule over different domains? For instance, I have a filter rule as: || And let's say the website's domain changes its domain to '' (Number is changed) Do I have to make a new filter manually...
  3. D

    Customer Rule help

    I view a web site. it include CSS, Javascript to detect ADBlock plugin I can't write the rule the site is: www[.]ruanyifeng[.]com /blog/2018/12/async-api-design.html CSS: <style> body { background-color: #f5f5d5; } #container::before { display: block; width: 100%; padding: 10px...
  4. M

    Block JavaScript on per-domain basis

    Hi, Is there a generic rule(s) that blocks javascript (inline and 3rd-party) on a per-domain basis? I mean if I want to disable javascript on whole domain, for example '', is it possible? I'm using AdGuard Content Blocker for Samsung Internet
  5. C

    Installing AdGuard From GitHub to Support JS Rules?

    Hi, Currently, I use AdGuard Firefox extension on a Windows 7 PC (running Firefox 59.0.2), which was installed from AMO. I understand that this AMO version does not support JS rules from filter updates and that a version can be downloaded from GitHub here that supports these JS rules on...
  6. M

    whitelist third party javascript injected by bookmarklet

    Hello, at first I have to apologize for repost from here I would like to ask if there is a way to whitelist javascript url injected by bookmarklet. I see it in whitelist and it is between...
  7. Bushido

    Disabling of Javascript cryptocurrency miners embedded on the sites

    Is Adguard able to disable a forced (not asked from a site visitor) Javascript cryptocurrency miners on the sites? For example, uses a Javascript cryptocurrency from Coinhive in order convert the CPU power of The Pirate Bay visitor's devices into Monero coins. This leads to a...
  8. P

    AdGuard for Windows: Mobile Ads Filter breaks a lot of scripts and pages

    I enabled the mobile ads filter on my Windows 10 system (I use a bunch of UWP apps and figured it couldn't hurt) ... well, I was wrong about the last part. It took me a while to find the culprit but it appears to break quite a few scripts on desktop pages, examples...