1. J

    AdGuard DNS Leak and some ads not blocked

    Hello, This is for AdGuard DNS I set up DNS to use AdGuard dns servers individually in my Windows 10 computer and Android phones. I was reading some information at https://www.webmd.com and ads were showing up at all sides I don't know if Adguard DNS do it on purpose (not to block ads...
  2. BlueCarbon

    DNS Is Leaking!

    I’m using AdGuard Pro with ProtonVPN. I have AdGuard’s DNS set to System Default and AdGuard’s VPN set to Split-Tunnel. When I run a leak test, it will only show ProtonVPN’s DNS being used, but after a short while it will also show my cellular provider’s DNS servers. So AdGuard is causing a DNS...
  3. S

    Block WebRTC IP address leaks

    I use a VPN server when for privacy and notice that the latest version of FireFox leaks several IP addresses when visiting sites such as whoer.net. Leaked IP addresses include local LAN IP and public IP of local ISP gateway. I'm not sure if Adguard is the appropriate place to block such...